Looking for outdoor rated HDMI cable for a run of around 20 metres


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I'm moving my TV to the other side of the room from our Virgin 360 box and I think the easiest way to keep the two things connected is a longer HDMI cable (around 20 metres). Running it outdoors around the living room would be much easier than removing the skirting or chasing it into the wall, but I'm struggling to find many options for outdoor rated HDMI cable. The only one I can find is a Monoprice one on Amazon, but with no reviews.
Amazon product
Does anyone know if this is any good?
Or would trunking be better, so I could use any optical HDMI cable? I think I would need to go for trunking I can open and close rather than trying to feed it through that far. And preferably not too ugly as it will go round the front of the house.
And one last question! Where I take the cable through the wall, is there some clever way to do this that would allow me to remove the cable and feed a new one through if I ever needed to do that?


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20M HDMI will restrict bandwidth - even for an active cable. I think you will struggle to get anything much above HD reliably at that distance. You could consider running Cat5e / 6 and use converters. This will allow for higher bandwidth. Your other option is a fibre optic type HDMI, which will happily run higher bandwidth - 4K signals etc. over 20M.

In terms of running the cable outside, it depends upon how sheltered the cable will be. I have a length of bog standard Cat5e that's run along the north side of my house - and it's been there 20 years without any degradation or protection. There's very little direct sunlight onto the cable and a fence about 3' away keeps the worst of the weather away.

Something like this will provide UV protection from the cable - which is the main issue you might have. I would expect some degradation over time, but this should be minimal. 25mm x 25mm Cable Guard - 2Mtr Length - Black | Loblite (CG252BK)

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Outdoor cables (weather proof, UV stable and armoured) are generally going to be from the 'AV/Events' world, will cost a lot and will tend to be a generation or two behind the 'Residential' curve in terms of features they support.

Suitable conduit plus either UTP, solid core, non-CCA/CCS, CAT6 (plus suitable extenders) or a Hybrid Fibre HDMI cable (note they are directional) with the ability to easily replace the HDMI cable should it ever fail, be damaged or become obsolete would be my suggestion.

The HDFury '8K' Hybrid Fibre cable will cater for all current formats - the only thing you may struggle with is eARC as that can be very dependent on the connected devices.


PS If you go the Hybrid Fibre Route I would throw in a CAT6 as a backup too.


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Thanks very much for both replies. It sounds like indoor fibre HDMI + some sort of trunking/conduit is the way to go. I was planning to run CAT6 cable along the same route to the TV anyway as the Virgin hub and network switch are next to the 360 box.

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