Looking for new TV after 9+ years.


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I've had a Samsung LE32C550 since 2010 (with an AUO panel) that I've been extremely happy with. Sadly it's on its way out now. The side HDMI port has failed (which has forced my to buy an amazonbasics 5 port HDMI splitter), the internal speakers have stopped working (possibly because I've had 2.1 speakers connected to the headphone out jack on the TV for the last 8 years, i'm not sure) and the external speakers I use hiss fairly noticably when the TV is on. Other than that it's been fantastic.

Picture quality has been top notch, viewing angles great, it warms up the room in winter with its CCFL backlight (although takes a few minutes for it to warm up fully :) ), the centre swivel stand is awfully useful...it's pretty much been the best TV I've ever owned.

Alas in the years since I bought it things have seemingly changed. Full featured 32" TVs don't seem to exist anymore, swivel stands have got the way of the dodo, everything has a dodgy LED backlight which I personally believe are inferior to old CCFL backlights...even centre stands are rare, you'd be hard pressed to find more than 3 HDMI on all but the biggest/high end TVs and 3.5mm audio outputs are vanishingly rare!

On the plus sides though startup time is vastly superior and the "smart" functionality means you don't have to load up your PS4 or chromecast to get things like BT sport or amazon video. I've used a Samsung UE32M5520 and, apart from the stand which is a wee bit weak so the TV leans forward slightly, seemed very good for the most part. Especially the startup time. :) Oh and ARC has become a thing since I got my current TV!

Anyways, enough with the preamble. I've been using Samsung LCDs for...14 years or so and I've been very happy with them. I've used Panasonic in other places too and I was less than impressed. Dodgy HDMI connections and banding on the screen (watching footy or motor racing where there's a lot of one colour and it's very noticeable). Not to mention their "smart" UI was awful.

Things I'd like on a new TV then are...
32", 1080p, centre swivel stand, 4 HDMI, 3.5mm audio output, good picture quality (obviously) and a good Smart interface (i.e. the LE32C550 with added smart functionality!).

But back to reality I'm probably looking at a 43", most likely 4K, definitely need a centre stand due to the TV stand I have, minimum 3 HDMI and the obvious good picture quality and decent smart functionality. Not too bothered about HDR and the like as I've not used it so I don't really care.

Uses for it would be Sky+ HD, PS4, bluray player, PS2 (so I may need component in) and connecting a PC to it (I may one day have a NUC I'll use as a media player). I never use terrestrial TV since I have the Sky+ HD.

So far I've found...

I'm a bit wary of LG...I had a little 14" CRT Goldstar TV (which actually supported PAL 60 via SCART which was nice) which was an awful TV, I had to keep a magnet on the top left to make sure it displayed correctly! And I suffered that for many years.

Samsung on the other hand has served me well for many years but reading through AVForums there's a bit of a lottery where you'll either get a decent VA panel or a pretty awful IPS (is it an IPS or Samsung PLS? ;) ). I know the LG TV has an IPS panel...although my PCmonitors use LG IPS panels which arent completely terrible except the IPS glow off angle and on very dark scenes.

I'm also resigned to the fact I'm probably going to need to buy an AV receiver (that hopefully supports ARC) to connect extra HDMI devices to and my speakers/sub. Although the benefit there is I can upgrade my sub too at some point.

Any thoughts/recommendations?
And sorry for the essay of a post :)

Thanks for any help.


You are correct looking at a 43" model instead. There's nothing gained by going smaller now, where manufacturers only release their very bottom of the barrel models.

Having said that though, even 43" nowadays get poor treatment from manufactures compared to larger models.

The LG you picked out is recommended in my guide if you need wide viewing angles, but TVs using VA type panels like the Hisense B series offer better picture quality if you don't need wide viewing angles.

If you did happen to find a model with wide feet, you could always buy your own universal table top stand, you can even get ones that swivel. They just fit the rear wall mount holes on every TV.

As for the panel that comes on each TV, you know a bit already about what to expect in an IPS type panel, so your findings with the LG TV won't be too different from your LG monitors. The problem with looking at Samsung is you won't know until you own the TV whether its VA type or IPS (Samsung PLS is just their own version of PLS), so its more of a risk compared to the LG.

I'd say that LGs IPS panels however are no better or worse than the competition though, be it Samsung PLS or BOE IPS found in Sony's. The key difference is the Sony 43" models using the BOE IPS type panels are flicker free, something more common on monitors than TVs...but if you want a 43" Sony, expect to pay a lot for it.

If you want an extra HDMI port the Sony 43XG8xxx TVs tend to have 4 instead of 3 on the LG's at this size. The Sony XG83xx series is actually the highest spec TV you an get at smaller sizes as it comes with a 120hz panel.

So, over to you, do you need wide viewing angles? If so, the LG is a good choice. If you don't I'd go with Hisense models instead, accepting the fact that no matter how much money you throw at a smaller TV you are never going to get one that is fantastic quality at this size anymore.


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Thanks for your reply...

The Sony KD-43XG8096 actually looks quite tempting. It even has a 3.5mm audio output (that is hopefully controlled by the main volume control) and the stands may even fit my TV stand as they aren't too wide apart. The 8196 is just a wee bit too expensive. And I know Sony's smart functionality tends to be good...at least it is on the UBP-X700 bluray player. And the XG8xxx has chromecast built in which lets me drop another HDMI device. THat's really tempting actually. But it's...actually not available from richer sounds. The 8096 is available from Currys for £479 but that's with a 1 year warranty, the 8196 is available from richer sounds but £579 (or £519? I refreshed the page and the price went up!). Ouch.

I was looking at the Hisense B7500 after you mentioned but...while it's cheap there's still something in the back of my mind about hisense. Budget brand, is it going to have budget longevity. Only has a 2 year warranty where buying the Sony, LG or Samsung from richer sounds and you get a 6 year warranty. Peace of mind is often worth paying the extra for.

So now it's between a Sony (which has the best connectivity of all of them), the LG (cheaper option of the 3) or the Samsung with a panel lottery. If I can get the Sony for £519 I might go for that really as I wouldn't need to buy a receiver with it. At least not straight away. But at the same time I've had good experiences with Samsung for many years.

This is difficult :)


The Sony XG81 and XG80 are more or less the same TV, only differences aside from aesthetics will be software motionflow, something thats useless unless you know you like to use motion interpolation.

The XG83 is the step up in the range with the 120hz panel.

Pricing on them is high, they have a lot going for them but its hard to look at them as being good value when other TVs are so cheap.

I think you'll be surprised with Hisense, they aren't another budget brand similar to the Vestel built supermarket fake badges of today. They sell more TVs globally than both Sony and Panasonic and their build quality compared to TVs similar in price is very good.

The first decision to make when choosing a TV should be the panel it comes with, TVs with VA type panels tend to have a lot better picture quality compared to those with IPS, but there are exceptions where IPS can be better on TVs at this size and price range. Notably IPS type displays have less motion blur, better anti glare and wider viewing angles. Whilst TVs with VA type have better contrast and blacks, but poorer anti glare and poorer viewing angles.

In bright conditions, a TV using an IPS type panel will do better, but a TV will a VA panel will be considerably better in darker conditions.


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Well...I've had a very good AUO VA panel now for nearly 10 years so I think I want to stick to that...I think...

Which would leave my choices between the hisense B7500 (which I've seenricher sounds does for £300 with 6 year warranty) or taking a lucky dip on the samsung...and to be honest if I could get a samsung with VA panel, that's what I'd go for but...what are the chances of that? :|


and to be honest if I could get a samsung with VA panel, that's what I'd go for but...what are the chances of that? :|
Anyone's guess. Someone on here said they were certain the 43" models Curry's had in their showroom were VA type. But its not definitive and its hard to tell for sure until you own the TV. Perhaps if you view them in the flesh you'd be able to notice the poorer viewing angles?

I actually think Hisense make superior TVs in the budget segment. Panel aside typically Samsung have flimsy plastic casing with poor build quality whilst Hisense tend to be more robust, even with models using metal frames in their lower end TVs. The B7500 also supports Dolby Vision HDR, something that Samsung lack and can be very important if you ever use Dolby Vision HDR content in the future such as shows on Netflix.


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HDR is one of those things where if you've never used it you won't miss it :) Plus on non-OLED suff you're bound to get some halos (crystal LED that sony showed off at CES years ago is apparently still in the works too...maybe)

Has samsung quality really gone downhill that much in the last 9 years? My C550 (and I know the D550 that followed it) were built like tanks. Thick perspex bezels around the sides, thick and heavy perspex/glass bases...properly solid.

I've been out and about looking at TVs today. Can't find anywhere that has the Hisense on display.

I think I've ruled out a Sony because...while it has 3.5mm audio out and 4 HDMI and inbuilt chromecast...android TV on it is pretty slow and awful. Not a fan.

I havent managed to see the samsung or LG yet...but I was looking at IPS philips screens in the store I went to and...they weren't too bad to be honest. But maybe they're just good IPS and what samsung fits...isn't. I'll go to currys tonight and see if they have any on display :)

As a side note i'm looking at Yamaha HTR2071 to connect my cheap speakers and sub to. Bluetooth would be nice but don't really need it. And I only have 2.1 so I don't need anything really high end.

Also another side note, samsung QLED screens look hugely impressive for being LCD. Superbly impressive...maybe when I win the lottery.


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I went to Currys and looked at an RU7470 and LG...something, might have been a UM7450 or 7600 I forget.
Anyways the Samsung I saw there was a VA panel and even looking at it directly the colours looked washed out and off angle everything basically went white and bright whereas the LG IPS that was right next to it looked...better all round to be honest.

Also, the Samsung stand width was 84cm. The LG stand width was 74cm. My TV stand is 79.5cm at its widest at the front. That kind of rules out the Samsung, I had no idea its feet went that wide!


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Don't let the store picture settings guide your whole picture quality mindset, only panel type.

It's a shame that Curry's only sell Hisense online. I know why though, it's because they'd sell much less Samsung/Sony/LG sets in store and lose their sweeter profit margins.

With HDR, once you see it and have it, then you don't want to go back, much like when HD was introduced.


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You can get universal stands that fit into the
VESA mounting holes that all TVs have. Don’t let aesthetics come into decisions.

Fully agree with @roscopervis above. Resolution means little, hdr is where it’s at.


I went to Currys and looked at an RU7470 and LG...something, might have been a UM7450 or 7600 I forget.
Anyways the Samsung I saw there was a VA panel and even looking at it directly the colours looked washed out and off angle everything basically went white and bright whereas the LG IPS that was right next to it looked...better all round to be honest.

Also, the Samsung stand width was 84cm. The LG stand width was 74cm. My TV stand is 79.5cm at its widest at the front. That kind of rules out the Samsung, I had no idea its feet went that wide!
Were you viewing the TVs up close? VA panels have such narrow angles that the edges will look washed out. Also, as its mentioned before, judging picture quality in the store is quite difficult..so things like the picture being too bright, or one TV looking better than the next is probably a false herring.so whilst its clear you saw the difference in viewing angles between a VA and IPS type display it wouldn't be good to judge picture quality in other areas.

Also, would you mind sharing the exact model numbers including the size for the Samsung's you saw that were using VA? It may help people buy in the future.


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One of them was UE43RU7470UXXU, I don't remember the other one

And sure looking in a store may not be the best, and...yeah stores are brightly lit but I didn't notice any obvious clouding or glow on the LG...which was nice to be honest.

And yeah I've read about how good HDR is...but...I'm quite old fashioned ;)
For PC gaming I still use 60hz monitors. I know that if I got a 120+hz monitor, I wouldn't want to use anything else. I'd rather have a very good quality picture with overall good backlight uniformity than go for faster refresh or HDR etc. If you've never had it, you won't miss it. :)

Looking at UHD TVs is even a push for me since I don't have any UHD content. FHD max really and I still watch DVDs from time to time.

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