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Hi, I currently have a JVC 300 Watt pro logic surround sound system I got about 5 years ago with an extended warranty which will expire this summer.

I am looking for a new sound system (mini system or receiver) that has pro logic and DTS surround. It will be used 99% of the time for the sound from my PC but I would like a CD or DVD player and radio tuner built in.

Features I must have:
-5.1 surround with subwoofer included
-Prologic and DTS surround
-300 watt total power (preferably excluding subwoofer)
-CD or DVD player
-Tuner (for radio)

Features I would really like to have but I could live without:
-EQ that can be used in surround modes for AUX input (my current system doesnt allow EQ to be used in prologic mode)
-Spectrum analyzer (to me a sound system with no analyzer looks dead as if it wasn't doing anything)

I want to pay about $500US total for the sound system, speakers and subwoofers.

What would you recommend?



Are you sure you've posted in the right thread? You may get a more replies if you post in the Hifi, Seperates and other music delivery systems thread.

A 300 watt receiver will definately set you back more than $500US

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