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I currently have a Pioneer SC LX-85 receiver which I am very happy with (owned it from new).

I've just bought a Sony A1 65" OLED TV, Oppo UDP 203 Ultra HD bluray player, and a PS4 Pro, so I think I need a new receiver which will handle 4K and HDR display signals as the SC LX-85 doesn't support these?

I would like just one HDMI cable going from the receiver to the TV, and be able to switch all sources via the receiver (Sky Q, Oppo, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Dune HD Max) but have support for 4K HDR on Netflix from the PS4 Pro, and 4K support from Sky Q).

What would you guys recommend?


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It's a very open question. The good news is that there aren't any bad receivers, just ones that are different. For example I was content spending up to £3k. However one key constraint for me was the depth of the unit, plus a few others. So in my case I ended up with the Denon X4300h.

Why not share your budget and what your key constraints and must haves are. That maybe allow us to share our opinions. :)

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In that case just get what you want :) Enjoy the demos...

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Thanks. I'm leaning towards the SC-LX901 as I've been very happy with my current Pioneer.
I would take the opportunity to audition several. It is a healthy budget, and if you don't have size constraints lots of opportunities open up.

Bring along your favourite movies and music and enjoy. If not only to reaffirm that you are still very happy with the current generation of Pioneer receivers.

I'd be tempted to also put a Denon, Yamaha and Arcam and Anthem in the mix :)

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hi Dave

i'd take a look at the Denon 7200, it's a beauty and nothing matches it at its price point imo

the Marantz 7011 is no slouch either and quite a bit less

you don't say what you are driving but either should top the pio i'd have thought


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Hi Dave

Nice new additions there!

As Allan says above, you don't mention your speakers nor the size of your room?

I take it the receiver will mainly be used for films/TV, not music?

If you're happy with the Pioneer sound, then it makes sense to just get a 4K-compatible Pioneer receiver. But if you're looking for a different sound, then try the usual suspects of Denon, Marantz and Yamaha.

In my opinion, depending on what your needs are, you don't need to spend much more than £1000. Yes, £2000 will get you more power (which might be what you want), but it will also bring a load of features you will probably never use which you've ended up paying for.

Maybe look in the £1000-1500 bracket instead, that will more than likely give you everything you need and you'll still have funds left over for films and games!

Good luck!


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£2000 is a healthy budget and could be used to look towards the following:

Yamaha RX-A3060 (or RX-A3070 about to come out) [i'm a yamaha fan myself]
Denon AVR6300H
Pioneer high spec model
Marantz high spec model

As another poster said, your budget doesn't stretch to the really premium stuff (Arcam AVR-550 et al) so perhaps review EXACTLY what you need. Do you need 7 or 9 channels of power or 11? How many speakers do you have? Are you buying mainly for video switching or a cinema rivalling 7.2.4 setup?

I'm aware your current amp runs 9 channels of power. Are you using this many or do you plan to?

So far your minimum seems to be 5x HDCP 2.2 HDMI slots with 4K HDR support (ideally HLG/DV/HDR10). That can be achieved for a lot under £1000. Probably can be achieved happily for £500 with spec to spare.

A lot of the mid-range brands listed above are much of a muchness and going up in price may not give you any benefit. Why spend £2,000 on 11 channels of power if you've got a 5.1 system and no intention of going further?

if you're running a 5.1 with no intention of upgrading this, and mainly want 5 HDCP 2.2 sources input, you could feasibly get away with a £500 amp and be very happy blowing the remaining £1500 on a new sub and some extra speakers?

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