Looking for new receiver for Monitor Audio Apex setup


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Hi everyone!
Probably this type of question has been asked over and over, but wanted to get some help from the experts over here before wandering off towards the different dealers:

Currently I have 2 Monitor Audio A10's in combination with a BK XXLS400DF, used primarily for movies (and love them!).
The receiver I'm using is the Marantz SR-4001.
From what I've read and felt this receiver is just not enough to drive the A10's to their full potential (something I've already felt when I still had my B&W DM603 S3's).

Once I'll have purchased the centre speaker (A40) and the rear surround speakers (MA R45HD) I'm going to look for a new receiver that is able to make these great speakers shine!

Was wondering what people over here would recommend as a proper receiver given that my budget is roughly 1000€ (or 800£).
Main focus is on movies, but I do enjoy the occasional splash of music.
A possibility to allow me to have some music in the kitchen while the kids are watching movie in the living room would also be very useful (2nd room feature I guess).
Also the ability to calibrate the whole setup by means of the Audessy feature (or similar) would be very useful, as this is not available in my current receiver.
Am also still running a big and chuncky CRT, but that should find a replacement in a nice Panny plasma within the next 2 years.

Main input for the receiver is a popcorn hour A-110 which streams all my movies (currently DVD rips) from my server, along with the occasional FLAC's if I'm in the mood for music.

Thanks for any inputs you guys can offer!:smashin:

Andrew K

Yamaha A2010 or A3010 would be my preference for the Apex Speakers.
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Thanks quantumAV! Unfortunately the A2010 and A3010 are a little above my budget, but the Titanium offer is very tempting!


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In your opinion, will the difference between the A1010 and A2010 be big enough to justify the extra cost?
I live in Belgium, so if I do decide to buy this, is there a possibility to ship to BE and what about warranty? (international warranty, so claim to Yamaha?)


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Was wondering what people would think about the NAD T757.
Have read some great stuff about it, and will for sure have a listen,
but if people would have the choice between the Yamaha A2010 and the NAD T757, which one would you prefer?

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