Looking for new 5.1 system


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I am looking to upgrade my old system and can find loads with dvd included but not without.I would like..

HDMI connection
With floor standing speakers

Can anyone help with this? My budget is a around £300.


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I don't think there's anything out at that budget with HDMI.

The cheapest amp I know of is the Onkyo 604 at £300 ish. You then need to add speakers on to that.

Dr Force

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£300 for HDMi & floorstanders, I think you need to rethink your budget by around £700 then more peeps can help.

You will not get it all for 300 absolutely no way.


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I am looking for a similar setup,
what kinda budget would get a decent system without breaking the bank.
I have a 40 Samsung LCD f71 series, and would like something nice to go with it.
Will take a look at the Samsune HR755 DVD/HDD when it comes out this month.


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Thanks for the comments lazymatt & Dr Force didn't realise that my budget would have to be that high.

Maybe i should forget the HDMI and just look for something lower with the next best connection method but would still like floor standers if possible.Could you help me with this one?

When i say floor standers i am refferring to something like this

Would this suit my need and is it any good


It is difficult to say if the Sony will satisfy your needs, only you can decide that.

Just be careful that you don't paint yourself into a corner by not being able to use any of the components if you do decide to upgrade in a year or two.


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Yeah, the problem with those all in one systems is that when you want to upgrade, you basically have to start from scratch again.

It may be worth asking the question in the all-in-one forum if that's the way you decide to go:


Otherwise something like this may offer more flexibility:


I can't vouch for it's quality, however.

The normal suggestion, would be the Yamaha AV59 pack (now the AV 69 I think), which offers really good value.

Or the Denon DVD1730 & DHT-1356XP.

Neither have floor standing speakers, though.


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That is the situation i am in now and the reason for wanting to upgrade.


Thanks for the links but the SONY HT-400DTCFN doesn't look to good and will not suit my room,looking for something in black or silver or mixed.You mention the Yamaha AV59 which i have seen quite a few posts about and were wondering if there are any reasonably priced tall speakers to go with it instead of those small ones?

Do you have any links for the
Denon DVD1730 & DHT-1356XP
as i can't seem to find them anywhere?


Denon DHT-1356XP can be found here:


and Denon DVD-1730 information is here:


It does not have the type of "floorstanders" you are looking for, but then again the "tallboy" speakers you fancy are in essence standmount speakers with stands attached.

I have to assume that you prefer those type of speakers purely for aesthetic reasons and not for sound quality.

Joe Fernand

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Hello ajm007

What is your 'old' system?

Aesthetics and Budget seem to be taking you down a path which may give you the looks you are after but not necessarily an 'upgrade' to your audio and visual enjoyment.

The lack of connectivity on the entry level 'all-in-one' systems is often an expensive drawback - the unit you link too only has one rear mounted Optical Input so once you connect say SKY HD (HDMI for video + Optical for multi-channel audio) your limited to one additional Optical input on the front of the unit (not ideal) or buy an external switch (more cost).

Make a list of everything you want to connect to the system and ensure whatever system you look at has enough connectivity to meet your requirements - otherwise you'll quickly find the system is not flexible enough to meet your needs.



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Yamaha AV59 which i have seen quite a few posts about and were wondering if there are any reasonably priced tall speakers to go with it instead of those small ones?

Do you have any links for the as i can't seem to find them anywhere?

There are a set of tallboy yamaha that you can buy seperate to the NSP110 ones (i attualy have them and there not that bad) although having a quick search on google im unable to find them at the mo.....but there out there somewhere


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Thanks for those links for the denon stuff but not exactly what i'm after because of the speakers.

The NSP110 mentioned by you and jonnywells are maybe what i'm after as they do look good,and as long as they have a good sound maybe worth a shot.Now i just need to find a decent price and somewhere that sells them.

@Joe Fernand

This is my old system

I do understand what you are saying about the connections and as i will only be connecting a dvd recorder for now, i will probably add a game console later so the extra connections would be good for future proofing.Although i do want it to look good sound quality does matter to me too.

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Iwould suggest the Denon 1507 amp from Richer sounds at 179.99 and then look for the speakers seperately. Maybe you can then get closer to 300 quid total, but i do not think you will meet your budget with tall speakers.

I added the tannoy speakers from richer as well and they were 150 so total package was 330 and it does sound decent. Unfortunalety though no HDMI switching which as every one states is out the price range.



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Thanks Wolfy i just looked at the Denon 1507 amp from Richer sounds and it doesn't show at 179.99 it says £199.95 am i looking at the wrong one? Also do you have a link for the tannoy speakers so i know which ones you are refferring to as i don't mind going a little over budget as i said in my first post
My budget is a around £300
so going a little over is fine.:)


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Thanks Wolfy i just looked at the Denon 1507 amp from Richer sounds and it doesn't show at 179.99 it says £199.95 am i looking at the wrong one? QUOTE]

Richersounds advertised in this months What Hi-Fi for a Denon 1507 at 179.99 - if you tell them in the shop they will honour that advertised price.

[email protected]

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Tannoy speakers are on there web site at £149.99 and they did honour this price in the shop. Since buying the speakers i have purchased a new centre speaker from the Tannoy range for £50 and it is the proper horizontal speaker so now have 6.1 for £380.



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Just had a look at those Tannoy speakers and they are not quite what i am looking for as they are really small.

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