Question looking for name of teenage beach party movie


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This is from the 80s-90s period.
Guys in their teen age have many friends, including a fat guy that is cool but most people don't like.
They manage to go to the beach to surf, party and seduce girls, they know there's a legend there called "the big kahuna". Near the end of the movie they discover that "the big kahuna" is their fat friend.


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thanks, but no. I already got this answer and watched it, "big kahuna" seems to be a general nickname for someone famous in the surf community


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YES I know the movie you are talking about and I can't remember the name of it either! Remember the guy constantly trying to get a bottle of dom perignon for that girl? In the end the fat guy is the big kahuna...ugh...It was a very stupid movie! LOL...But here I am trying to look it up! LOL

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