Looking for my first DSLR camera, any ideas?


Tired of my old compact camera, and really want something better.
I do have a thing with videos so what id be looking would be video capable aswell.

I have been eyeing on Canon EOS 600D... thats kind of my price range.

Also i checked the Nikon D5100 (around same price) , and seems to have few better things than Canon.

Thanks for any advice!


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The 600d is one of the best bang for buck dslr's for video and photo right now. I say go for it! (but i would, i'm just waiting for mine to arrive :) )

Depending on your needs, it's available with a kit 18-55mm lens, or the 18-55mm and a 55-250mm to compliment, or just with a 18-135mm lens, which is a good lens and would require less swapping around lenses. It all depends what you'll be shooting most.

I say get to a camera shop and try the 600d and see how it fits in your hands. The next model up is the canon 60d, and you might prefer the bulkier size of that. I have quite big hands, and the 550d was a bit small. I tried the 600d and it was perfect. The 60d was minimally better, ergonomically.

I won't lie, I considered the d5100 as well. You'd be stupid not to. I read that it's superior at high ISO (low light). But the Canon seems to be dominating right now, and there has to be a reason for that. The reason can be found all over flickr/vimeo/youtube, IMO.


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Move over, I'm in the same boat as you.

Looking at those two camera's aswell.

I like the Canon as its 18mp, and It seems to have better video capabilites, with upto 60fps i believe, where as the Nikon d5100, has 16.2mp and i think 30fps.

For Video's im looking at capturing normal family video's and also some of my Mountain biking, and I'm looking to be able to slow down the motion, quite abit.

So I assume that the Canon would be better for that.

Although the Nikon has better ISO range : 100-25600 compared to the Canon's 100-6400 (expandable to 12800)

I've got a Nikon D5100 for a loan of the Father in law, and he suggests i get one, and then I could share lens. But I was initially drawn to the Canon, because of the higher megapixels, aswell as I like to have something different.
But I also dont want to make a mistake and buy the wrong one.

I'm going to get myself down to Jessops to try some out, next week.

Need to get myself up and running with which ever i decide on soon though......

I'm currently reading these to help me with my decision:

Canon EOS 600D Review | PhotographyBLOG

Nikon D5100 Review | PhotographyBLOG

Just need to find the best prices for which ever one aswell.
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