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Smokey Si

Good evening...
Pretty new to Home Cinema (although have been dabbling with Hi-Fi seperates for the best part of a decade now) and the time has come for me to look at setting up a home cinema system.
As others before me have done I've searched through the threads posted here in great detail but seem to be getting more and more confused...
I realise that I should be looking at the seperates route but time, money and space (as well as a baby on the way and a house move around the corner!) makes this an unlikely option, instead (and don't flame me for this!) I'm keen to look at an All-in-One system BUT which one?!
The budget's approx £250 (although could stretch to more if needs be), connecting to a Panasonic 28" Widescreen TV and also needing to be able to hook up a SKY box as well as a PS2. It must be able to play CD-R and DVD-R and a radio would be nice too!
I've been having a look in general at Sony and Panasonic models but any thoughts/comments appreciated as well as pointers on the best places/prices to buy!


Could get what im getting which is the Pioneer DCS313 its multiregion able (when bought but u have to check) it plays most discs and has a massive 450W total RMS and can hook up to all u say i think.

Check it out at www.pioneer.co.uk (search for 313 and is the 1st link u come to when search finishes).

Also Richer Sounds is a good place To get all in ones at good prices.

Dont get the panasonic scht500 as that doesn't have prologic 2 which is a must and is on most models thesedays.

Smokey Si

Cheers for that, will have to have a closer look (and listen)
Not bad being multi region as well - although I read that the CD playback doesn't sound too hot and thats quite a big deal for me as I'll be using it as a replacement for my hi-fi seperates.
I must admit to being persuaded towards the Sony DAV-SA30 currently and its at a good price too, £209.99 from Amazon (unless anyone has seen it cheaper?)
Can you get this as a multi region or can it be "ahem" modded at home to enable multi region playback?
Also whats it like for connecting a standard Sky box and a PS2 to, as this is a big-must for me?


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Three-one-three! Three-one-three!

Ahem, sorry. :blush:

Having bought mine last January, I didn't think they'd be so easily available, these days; but if that is the case, I can recommend it. Though it is your ears that will have to make the decision...

In terms of compatibility, it has played every disc that I've placed within its platter and done particularly great things with VCD and mp3 discs that I've burned.

With music... your mileage/kilometreinessageosity may vary. For the size (and price - even the £280 that I paid) and considering that it's a 'one does all' box, it's great. But it's no substitute for a separates system.

I'm of the opinion (though I haven't heard more expensive equivalents) that you just can't find every detail within a soundtrack via small boxes. For the space and budget that I have and as my separates-owning friends would agree, it's a fantastic little system; but as with anything similar (I believe), don't expect separates performance. Obvious, I know; but... you know...

Having said that, there are two things to note. If you feel that you are missing detail in your music, a switch to headphones might cure your ills! :smashin: And the second point? You'll probably forget all the above words and any fears or criticism within moments of playing your first disc! :cool:

Just remember that a sub isn't just for Christmas...


N.B. I should have more sleep and less painkillers! Er, it was a 303 that I bought last year. D'oh! Hmm, it should be similar and there seem to be a few people around here that are happy with them. A quick search should find the helpful info.

Boink! :hiya:

Smokey Si

Looks like its a trip down to Richer Sounds then onto the Sony Centre for me then!
Time to get the cotton buds out and blow the dust from my ear drums...
Will let you know the results ;)


As long as music is good enough if not then ill have to reconsider getting it as i want to play my muse cds in 5.1 using dolby prologic 2. (i think thats what u use) To experiance the way its meant to be heard im not asking for seperates performance but a good all in one performance.

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