Looking for media player software which crossfades on the fly


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I know some media player software (Windows based) does have a crossfade option, including later versions of MP, but I don't believe these allow for crossfading on the fly.

What I need to do is play a few tracks on a playlist, and when new people walk in, I want to advance to the next track, and crossfade to the beginning thereof. I don't know where in the previous track I'll have to switch, but it will be before the end.

Each person coming in will have a theme and I want the new track to fade in on cue.

I could do this with two sources to play audio, but not only does that have the complication of arranging two sources, but also having to hit play AND fade up and coordinate it all. Cross-fading software would solve this problem.

No option to buy anything; it's not a paid event. Just a private club. So I'd like to get something I could download for free.


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could get messy. you can only crossfade properly when no beat or melody is playing, unless of course you can beatmatch like a dj? otherwise you end up with a god awful mess like when a mate who cant dj tries to.

what if people walk in only seconds apart? you will fade whilst half way through a song. maybe i just dont get what you are after...

windows media player will let you create a playlist and does crossfading on the fly, IIRC.

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