Looking for Media Center PC with built-in 5-inch LCD screen.


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A few months back there were adverts in the various gadget magazines for a Media Center PC with a 5-inch (or so) LCD screen built-in so you could access Media Center functions without turning on your monitor.
I also believe that Digital Home Magazine has a (admittingly poor) review of this model just before the publication folded.

Does anyone know which company makes this PC please? :)

Thanks in advance! :thumbsup:


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lochindaal said:
It looks like the Uneed X15e case.
you know, you are 100% correct!!


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deksawyer said:
£1700...............i'm in the wrong job!!!! :rotfl:
It does seem a little excessive given the spec.
Comes with a '3.2GHz' AMD Athlon 64 with options upto '4.0GHz'; now not being bitchy (well no much)here, but would you buy from someone who doesn't know ow the speed rating on the CPU's hes selling works? :eek:

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