Looking for: Logic brain teasers/ puzzles; 2D 2.5D beat em up Co-Op games for PS4


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1) I am looking for 2D оr 2.5D beat em up (with some shoot/firing elements). For Co-Op! PS4
Good graphic, skills, weapons, upgrades - rich gameplay.
I can't wait to get Streets Of Rage 4 :smashin: .
2) From now on it can be for one player (or two in Co-Op mode) "
Also run and jump / (shot) games with well-developed physics / kinetics of motion, maneuvering against a changing environment ... "riding the wave", sliding, leaping.
"Master aerial agility, sliding, leaping, flying in Zero G, and blasting ..." (for "Matterffal")

It could be "Unravel 2"?
-also top down (Co-Op) shooters or beat em up.
"Matterffal" (but is it for 1 player)

May be I will buy Trine 4, Dragon's Crown Pro...
I have no interest in games with 8 bit graphics similar to - "FIGHT'N RAGE"...

3. Would you recommend brain teasers, physics-based puzzler, but not slow and time-consuming puzzles / puzzles, etc. (aka LIMBO), and those that require / develop fast reactions, combinative, spatial ability and logical reasoning within seconds (up to minutes) (one game/level =~ 5-30 Min). More logic, physics (mechanics), combinations ... PS 4

some simple examples that i find on the net:
World of Goo /Nintendo... android/
Deru: The art of Cooperation (PC...)
PixelJunk Shooter
Tricky towers.
- It could be for Android also. - at times of travel

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