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Looking for In-Ear headphone recommendation to pair with my Cowon J3


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I have just purchased a Cowon J3 and I am looking for a good set of in-ear headphones to go with it. Budget is around £150.

I liked the reviews of the SQ on the Monster Turbine High Performance, but didn't like the endless mention of very poor build quality.

I have always wanted a pair of Shure headphones and like the SE315's, people say the bass is weak, is this true? I listen to mostly Heavy Rock and Metal music so they need to have good but not over powering bass, would the Shure's meet that requirement?

Does anyone have any other recommendation? Such as Ultimate Ears or Sennheiser? I currently have CX200's.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated



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I've just got a pair of westone UM2 and am very very happy with them. They will be slightly over budget but you get unbelievable bass from them (Very deep and powerful but not overpowering). Seperation and detail is also fantastic and I would say better than my sennheiser HD595 over ear headphones.

They're good with rock and heavy metal music, everything sounds very clearer than on any other headphones/speakers I've heard.


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If you want Shures, save up for the 535s and also keep an eye out on the classifieds both here and on Headfi.

They occasionally pop up for £250, and will blow your mind!


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It is strange that you read a lot of bad reviews on the build quality of the Monster Turbines. I have had al the products from turbine range, and they look great and bluid seems also top notch. They are in metal.

you may look for the Monster Turbine Pro Gold or Monster Turbine Pro copper.
Ultimate ears triplefi 10, are also great. People normally say that shure earphones lack in bass but they might be just neutral, as people are used to added bass earphones.
You may look at the new shure se215 which has same build of se425 and se535 but has dynamic drivers, giving more bass than traditional shure earphones.

If you don't care much about bass, you should look for Fischer audio dba-02 they are cheap, but they can beat most earphones at up to £ 200.


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Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated. It was good to hear from someone who has Monster Turbines.. as they always come out best on bass.


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Not to bash AVF, but I'd head over to head-fi.org and do a bit of research, the site is dedicated to headphones and a lot of guides/ plenty of people willing to help..

I've stayed away from Shures personally, I think you end up paying more for the "brand" with them, which I dislike. But I'm sure they make very good IEMs.

From Ultimate Ears point of view as I've owned them, the TF10s are dirt cheap for what they are. Triple driver, for around £150, you can get it retail off the logitech site, with the the Trade In discount and codes (which I've created a post about on AVF) or via Ebay. They have a striking sound sig, with deep bass and a lot of treble and can be a hard fit as the bore is pretty wide on the earphones and there's not much give in the tips. So are definitely not for everyone, but are great fun. People like them a lot for metal/rock music. But I wouldn't go for them without testing them out. Personally I had custom tips fitted to avoid the fit issue, they just had a bit too much treble to suit every song I played, but I miss them on many tracks.

Personally I use Earsonics SM3, which just hold up up against anything I've thrown against. They are pretty smooth across the whole spectrum. But a bit expensive no doubt.

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