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Hi, I have been trawling online on and off for about a year for a home projector for max budget- £500 and cant quite make my mind up. I understand as far as projectors are concerned this is not a big budget.

I was hoping that someone on here may have had a good experience with a projector that they could recommend. I would be solely using the projector for movies as apposed to sports or gaming and I don't actually like watching films in HD and prefer the grainy picture of 35mm projection at the cinema, a softer retro feel. Saying that it would be great to still get a decent result in a not completely dark room - I don't know if these are contradictory desires from a technology point of view?

Compact is desirable and quiet - I've noticed some have a noisy fan....

Any recommendations much appreciated.


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If you search for Optoma HD145x on Amazon there's a 'renewed' unit from Richer Sounds for £299. The HD145X or 146X (slightly brighter) are usually around £480 and are both bright, they get good reviews with similar specs. Units are fairly small and use the .47" dmd display chip.
I nearly bought one but was able to replace the power supply on my very old Optoma, which I'm still happy with.


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If your looking at the second hand market and only going to play HD yet want something that bucks the trend on looks, then maybe look at the Optoma HD80. Its an old projector, so it should be cheap. its a little harder to setup than some, but for looks, it now to me looks a little retro compared to many of the square boxes available on the market and if the film you are watching has that 35mm look, this projector will not shy away from showing it to you in full bloom

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