Looking for Hitachi 42HDT52 Power Swivel Cable

Howard Woodard

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Hi all. Several years ago my wife and I were babysitting our two grandsons, ages 2 & 4, when they discovered the power swivel function on this TV. First I disabled it on the remote but it only took the 4 year old about a millisecond to figure out how to re-enable it, so I removed the cable and put it someplace the boys wouldn't find.

That worked so well that now I can't find it either...

I gave the TV to my sister-in-law who has it located in a spot that just begs for a remote power swivel function.

The original part number was EW08431 and was subsequently replaced by one a tad bit longer, part number EW08432. I've done my best to find one I can purchase but the only site I've found that ever even listed them shows "Out of stock - never to return" as the current status. No luck on eBay or related sites either.

It was used on the sets with chassis DW1-UA and B: 42HDX62A/DW1-UA, 42HDT52A/DW1-UA, 42HDS52A/DW1-UB. Maybe more but that's the sets listed for the parts manual I have.

Any chance anyone here has one of these cables that they would like to sell? I would fabricate one but I haven't found anything that tells me what kind of connector that is on each end. If you know, that would be helpful too.

I know it's a long shot but at this point, a long shot is all I have left.

Fingers crossed...


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