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Looking for some help with my Speaker placement.
I am building a theater in the basement but it is part of a large open area with some awkward door placement that I am stuck with as well as a bulkhead.
The plan right now is 120" screen and either a short throw projector in front of the bulkhead or ideally I really like the looks of the new Samsung LSP9T. I have a short throw right now I may use short term then upgrade so I will be running power and data to both locations for future flexibility.
In the small hallway to the bedrooms I will be doing a built in Rack that will hold all my equipment for the basement. 3 TV's and the Theater as well as networking hub for the house. Front row eye to screen distance is about 11-12' but can be adjusted still.

Here are the challenges I am working with right now.
The theater seating and screen are not centered in the room, It has to be offset a foot to the right to allow for the main walkway to the bedrooms and Laundry room as well as the bar seating. From the back of the seating to the back wall is 14 feet. To the left of the screen I only have about 10" to the door opening so not a lot of room to put a speaker but I can make it work, on the right I have 46" to the corner.
For the side speakers on one side I have a door and the other the room opens up for the bar so i am not sure where to place the speakers for best placement. and above the front row is a bulkhead. it doesn't affect line of site to the screen but may affect speaker placement. If I want the speakers across from each other on the wall they need to be in front of the front row seating.
For the rears i am planning to go with in Ceiling since it is wide open behind the seating area. How far back from the back row should they be placed?

I have not even started looking at equipment options yet as right now the goal is to finish the spaces as we need the bedrooms back up and running for the Kids ASAP so I am just trying to prep everything as close as possible so I am ready to go once we get to that point and not trying to fish additional wires later.

This is my forever home so I want to make sure it is done right and everything is where I need it when I am ready to go.
What would be the best setup option for this type of space. I am looking for a good theater experience but I know it will not be Perfect due to the layout so I am just looking to do the best setup with the space I have to work with.


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