Question Looking for help with kit for first home cinema


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Fingers crossed early this year I will be moving to a detached house. My dream has been always have a dedicated home theatre and my new home has a small converted garage that I’m going to use. It is only 2m x 4m, yes I know it’s small but it’s all i’ve got, but I am still excited to kit it out.

I been doing a lot of reading and what Im thinking of going 5.1.4, purchasing the following:

AVR - Denon X3700h
L/R - Q Acoustics 3020i
Centre - Q Acoustics 3090ci
L/R Surrounds - Q Acoustics 3010i
Subwoofer - BKElec P12-300SB-PR
Ceiling - 4 x Q Acoustics Qi65CP
TV - Sony XH9505 65”
Power - Tacima CS947
Speaker cable - Not sure yet
Interconnects - Not sure yet
Room treatment - possibly bass traps and half dozen acoustic panels

The setup should give me 5.1.4 with IMAX Enhanced I‘m hoping.

I have a budget of £5k, and might be able to stretch a bit further.

Do my initial plans look sound (no pun intended :) )?

Joe Fernand

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Any idea of your intended room layout?

I’d consider less speakers/up the spend per channel and if building the room out you could consider In-wall.



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Hi Joe, thanks for the reply. The room is a converted single garage with a bay window at one end. The door is at the other end of the room and at the opposite end of the room to the bay. The width of the room is 2m and length is 4m.
I’m looking for an immersive room hence looking at Atmos. The house is detached so no need to worry about neighbours and there is only two of us so no concern about waking children.

Joe Fernand

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Layout - are you changing the seating and having a two seat main listening position central to the room?

Speaker layout - lots of way you could go with this; I'd be going the less is more route, 2.1.2 would be worth considering.

If you do want to go for sides, rears and overheads I would consider in-wall plus in-ceiling to try and gain some distance between the listening position and the speakers.

Display 'wall' - are you retaining the window/bay? The room is narrow, I would tend to omit the Centre channel which simplifies trying to correctly position a Centre when you have a TV.



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Given the narrow room I would consider other speakers..The 3010i are relatively deep and would be quite close to the main listening position when mounted at the appropriate height in an.atmos setup. Some satellites, in wall or dipole/bipoles may give more distance to the surrounds.


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I’ve still not moved in yet so still in planning phase. I’m even considering the Samsung Q950A soundbar due to size of the room.

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