Question Looking for help setting up my denon 5.2 sytem correctly


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Hi Guys I'm looking for some help setting up my system correctly for the best possible sound, I have been looking around various forums and youtube videos for days but seem to be getting a great deal of conflicting answers so thought I would try my own thread to see if I can get the answers I'm looking for. I have run Audyssey correctly a couple of times but wasn't happy with the results so need to try and do it manually.

Amp is Denon X540BT
Speakers are Denon SYS-2020, I have 2 powered subs the one which came with the SYS 2020 kit plus a Yamaha powered sub from my previous AVR.

My main speakers crossover capability is from 100hz to 20khz
Denon sub goes from 30 hz to 600hz
Yamaha sub from 30 to 200hz

The problem is at the moment the system doesn't sound very good at all, the main speakers do not sound crisp and neither does the bass and I know it's capable of sounding much better so I must be doing something wrong somewhere. At the moment I have all speakers set to small and all crossovers set to 120 HZ (Audyssey recommended 80HZ fronts but my speakers minimum is 100 so I changed it. Centre it had 120HZ and surround 150HZ) My subs by default was on LFE plus main at 120hz, I changed to LFE 120hz as I am running small speakers but not sure if that's correct or not.

Have I got my main speakers crossover set correctly?

Have I got my subs crossover set correctly, I'm not sure if it should be 80Hz crossover or 120Hz LFE or LFE PLUS MAIN? (When i ran Audyssey I did as it said and set the subs volume to 50% and it's still on that setting, There isn't a seperate crossover knob on the back of both subs just volume)

I'm also not sure If I am supposed to use the Dynamic comp option on the receiver or adjust the source level or use the tone function to make it sound better, the denon manual is very vague.

I have everything running through the Amp via HDMI to ARC on my LG TV Including my SKY HD Box & XBOX ONE X.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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Dual Subs - make your life a little simpler and ditch the Yamaha Sub for now, it is only going to confuse you/the auto calibration at this stage.

Layout - you don't provide details of the Room, Seating or AV layout?

Crossover - the tiny cubes do crossover very high, try the various options on the AVR and decide which sounds best to you.

LFE + Main - is going to be best as your 'Sub' is handling a lot of the mid range too so only sending it LFE is going to leave a huge 'hole' in the sound between the Cubes and the Sub.


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