Question Looking for Help. Need a budget friendly pj with throw of 4.5m and 100" screen


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As title really. Need a budget friendly pj with throw of 4.5m and 100" screen size


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I'm currently looking at an Epson eh-tw5650. Any thoughts on this?


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Do you already have the screen?
Yes 100“
What is the seating distance?
11.5 feet
Any ambient light?
What is the budget?
Upto 600ish


That screen is rather small from that distance. But if it's what you prefer then great.

With an 100" diagonal 16:9 format screen, from 450cm (lens to screen), the throw ratio required would be ~2.0x.

Not many projectors have this kind of throw ratio.

The TW5650 can do it. If you can find it at your budget, get a TW6700. It's a better projector overall.
Or just increase the budget.

But if you can, send the screen back and get a new one after you've set on a diagonal.

The way to decide on the diagonal is to use the projector on the wall for a few weeks. The projector should be purchased first.

A very general ratio is 10-12" in diagonal for every foot in distance.
For 11.5 that would result in between 115 and 138".

A common mistake new projector buyers is getting a screen that is too small.

The Epsons are bright enough to handle even a larger screen.


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My room is only just wide enough for a 100" and my seating position is fixed.
Seems plenty big enough when your sat in front of it.
How is the 6700better?


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Got a epson tw9200 second hand in the end

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