Looking for help finding 42-50 inch 3D TV deals


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This is my first post, so I hope you'll be gentle :hiya:

I'm a total technological novice, so I'm looking for some advice in finding a new TV to buy.

I'd like a 3D TV between 42 inch and 50 inch (46 would be perfect, but I'm flexible) - I don't mind if its LED, LCD or plasma as the difference is lost on me. It would be handy if I could find a bundle - e.g. with glasses and/or blu ray player etc - though not essential.

I don't have a particular budget or brand in mind, though I would like something which is of a high quality and the cheaper the better :)

Can anyone recommend any TVs, deals, bundles, etc?

Thanks :thumbsup:


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If you can provide more info it will be easier for us to point you in the right direction..

What will it be it's main uses in percentage terms?

2D, 3D, PC gaming etc..

Which of these would you place in terms of most importance?

Does it have to be child/young family friendly?

How many glasses will you need.

Viewing distance?


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I would say probably 75% 2D, 15% gaming (Nintendo Wii) and 10% 3D (from DVDs) - we'd want to use 3D as much as possible, but that will have to be gradual as 3D technology develops. We don't have/want digital tv so we won't have Sky 3D or anything like that.

To me, the most important thing is a good TV for watching DVDs (3D or otherwise), then for watching TV and gaming would be least important (other half will use a separate TV for his gaming).

We don't have young children, we'd need two pairs of glasses and our viewing distance is probably 10-15 feet.

Thanks :)


try john lewis package deal

1.panasonic GT 30 with blu ray and 2pairs of glasses for £899

2. samsung 6100 with bluray and 2 pair of glasses £719

I bought these one for myself and one for my daughter, still waiting for delivery

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