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Hi all!

I have recently bought a new TV (LG nano 49”) which replaced an old Panasonic.

Previously I used a cheap optical to phono convertor, in to a TEAC 300 stereo amp and a pair of Wharfdale 9.1 bookshelf speakers.

The new LG has a line out which I have used to connect to the amp. This is a lot stronger signal and the sound seems tighter/punchier and much better delivery of all the atmospheric parts in films etc.

But, I have found that this new setup makes us turn the volume up and really get immersed. The Wharfdale speakers during loud parts, low frequencies/rumbles etc appear to be pushing the limit and maybe hitting the limit of the drivers, it isn’t a crackle more of a bass grumble. I am sure there is a technical term for it, any ideas?

I don’t think it is the amp underperforming as there is a lot of headroom left (50%-75% I would say on the dial) and previously having used a Sherwood AV amp the quality improvement in sound delivery from Sherwood -> Teac was quite a surprise.

So I am investigating my options for an upgrade.

1. Stick 2.0 and buy some floorstanders, or better performing bookshelfs (I would prefer to avoid 6.5" larger bookshelf for aesthetics/placement would mean pulling everything further in to the room)
2. Go to 2.1, if going with a sub it would need to be small/shallow (I see Q acoustics do a slim sub)
  • Keep the teac, possibly a crossover in a sub option?
  • lose the Teac amp and revert to an AV amp?
  • Possibly a powered option with satellites? This only worries me from a volume point of view.
  • Some other hybrid?
3. Go soundbar and sub (sonos as an example) (expensive option but if it is worth it then I would go for it)

Full surround is not an option. But alternative ideas welcomed.
The TV is in a corner of the room, we sit around 10-12feet away in the opposite corner L shape type arrangement of sofa. The room is about twice the length and is separated by the sofa. A very rough NTS sketch attached. Furniture and TV location change is not an option.

Budget is flexible. I am open to suggestions and open to 2nd hand. If I had to make a cap on price for the benefit of discussion…Sonos and sub is 1100GBP. I have heard one and was very impressed but not tried it at distance or volume.

Many thanks in advance.

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The Teac was a good solution in its day and i'm not surprised you like the sound.

As to your dilemma, there could be a number of reasons why your speakers are hitting the limits. It could be the volume as you suggest, it could be that you have reached the limit of those speakers (and a better pair are required). It could also be that the LG is sending a signal which isn't as good as you expect and it could also be creating these effect

But as you have suggested, you are running the sound much louder than you have used before and that would imply you are really finding the weakness in your speakers. So, the easiest option would be to get a new pair of speakers (at least half of your budget)

You could get technical by purchase something like one of these (mini DSP) devices which will enable you to add a subwoofer to your system enabling you set the crossover between the speakers and woofer so a not bottom the driver cones (read a little more about how it works here)

You could also look as something like the Marantz NR1200, plus an SVS SB1000 whilst keeping your old speakers (or add a better pair in the future). Using this option will have the similar experience as placing the mini DSP device in situe although you will not have the added benefit of HDMI connectivity plus other newer features which you do not have on that trusty old Teac

One of the reasons I have not commented on the soundbar solutions is the ones above will give you more of what it sounds like you are after whereas the soundbar will be downgrade in many ways. So unless you are able to experience one and see whether it is going to suit your needs, I would really recommend going down one of the other paths :)


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Hi Shane thanks for getting back to me, great advice! I was not aware of mini DSP options, the Marantz also looks like a potentially good option.

Are there any recommendations you could make for replacement speakers? As a 1st step this could solve the inital problem and then future expandability can take advantage of a dsp or amp and a sub.

Thanks again!

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