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Looking for games with good gameplay mechanics.


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More recently I've not been enjoying general gaming so much, the reason for this I think is that many games now lack good gameplay mechanics, with fast slick intuitive controls. Instead games are now more concentrated on story telling, content and graphics, and many sports game in an attempt to be more realistic have become clunky, sluggish and boring.

I've just finished playing GTA V and while overall it's a great game (despite frequently crashing my console) due to the open sandbox world, detail and story the actual gameplay is lacking, the shooting, driving and and foot controls are clunky and unresponsive. If you were to review the game based on the gameplay mechanics itself it would be barely average. Red dead redemption is more satisfying to play largely due to deadeye (multiple shot placement), and kill cut scenes.

The last game I actually enjoyed purely for gameplay that felt good to play was Call of Duty 4, Mario Galaxy and God of War. Can anyone recommend any decent games that have good gameplay mechanics and slick controls where you get that connection between the game and the player. I think some of it is the framerate, I much prefer 50/60fps+ games, but some of it isn't.

I've been back into retro games recently, playing Dreamcast, PS1/PS2/Xbox/Gamecube, N64 and SNES games and they offer more what I'm after. Maybe I should get a Wii?


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You really need to play The Last of Us. Seriously, I almost passed on this game and then was speechless when I finally played it. If you want, I can live stream on twitch so you can see the gameplay mechanics. Let me know.


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I hear ya. I only suggested it because he mentioned he liked RDR and God of War. Based on his gaming taste is why I recommended it. Sorry if I misread the post. Thanks.


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No prob, it's meant to be an amazing game (I'm waiting for the PS4 release), but given that it is mainly story-driven it seemed like it might not tick the OP's boxes. Almost everyone says it's well worth a play through though.


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There's lots of great games that have been released over the last 2-3 years but, the only problem is that most are story driven to a degree. The Last of Us is excellent but is primarily a story driven game.

I agree with your reference to retro as well as it seems that gaming is now coming full circle. With the explosion of pads and portables, old school gaming is now in vogue and becoming the medium of choice amongst gamers. The last time I remember so many new, simple, addictive and great 2D titles being available to the masses was in the days of the SNES and MD. Bells and whilstles seems to have taken a back seat recently. Yes there's still the triple A releases but, the vast majority of releases now seem to be quick fix or old school.

However, if you want slick game play with no story as such.... have a stab at Demons Souls and Dark Souls. Amazing doesn't even describe them. Just be prepared to cry a few times, especially in Demons Souls.

Trials 1,2 & 3 on XBLA or Steam is superb
Super Mario 3D world - Wii-U
Fez - Multi
Shadow Complex - XBLA
Portal 2 - PC
Limbo - Multi
Outlast - PC
Skyrim - Multi
Dragons Crown - PS3/Vita

There's too many to list and most have some sort of story attached.


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IMO for pure gameplay and slick controls, you should try Rayman Origins/Rayman Legends. I don't know if you like 2D platformers, but you mentioned SNES so it's a possibility.

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