Looking for firmware for old 2007 PZ700 series


BLUF: Looking for prerequisite firmware to get to version 3.06. The version 2.12 firmware on the Panasonic FTP server was mis-bundled, it actually contains 2.09. I'm assuming that I need 2.12 to be able to get to 3.06.

A TH-42PZ700U just came into my possession free-to-me (they were going to take it to recycling... I'm recycling...). However, I don't believe that it's ever been updated, and I'm experiencing these short audio cutouts on both HDMI ports (one going to a Windows 10 PC, the other going to an XSX. The picture continues to work but audio mutes for 3-5 seconds at relatively random intervals. It's a bit maddening.
With the PC, sometimes audio continues to work but the screen randomly blanks in the middle of using it until I "jiggle the mouse" a few times. The PC is not going to sleep and it's not going to idle; I'm literally opening and closing windows as this happens most of the time.

I've "heard tell" on some random forums about people having similar experieinces with old TVs,

Obviously, Panasonic doesn't reference any models from before 2010 on their support website anymore but much of the older firmware content is still on the Panasonic ftp server.
I've been through said ftp repository and there's 3 versions of firmware listed for the pz700 series.
2.09 (worked)
2.12 (doesn't work, actually contains 2.09)
3.06 (doesn't work, TV says that it's not compatible)

TV started out with 2.07 and now is successfully up to 2.09.

Since the 2.12 zip file actually contains 2.09 instead of 2.12 (file hashes are identical), I can't get to 2.12.

And 3.06... yeah, the TV doesn't believe this file is compatible with the TV... I'm assuming that I probably need to get to 2.12 to be able to install 3.06. Maybe... it's what I've got to work with but I need the file to find out for sure. It's not like there's meaningful change logs available...

I'm emailing with Panasonic support... but that appears to be going nowhere.

I'm hoping that at least one of you fine people that have or have had a pz700 or pz77-series TV, you kept it up to date, and are a file-hoarder like me that never deletes anything.
If that describes you then please, I can haz? :)

Thank you for at least reading this!

Have a great day!


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