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Ok experts

I am looking into producing 4k videos, I have tried editing some sample 4K footage on my current pc using Proxies in Adobe Premiere - that works though still quite slow!

So i want to upgrade my pc to handle 4k in native format if possible.

I currently use a AMD fx4300 cpu along with a GTX 1060 GPU and 8gb ddr 3 ram, I see two options open to me 1) Change to an 8 core FX cpu and upgrade the ram or 2) Change the mainboard, ram and cpu to something like a AMD ryzen or Intel.

Would option 1 be worth it? or just throwing money away.

Any advice much appreciated!


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Another option is to convert your 4K footage into a more 'edit friendly' intraframe intermediate format. That way you will require a lot less computing power for a 'smooth' editing experience.

A cope of free codec suggestions to achieve that might include Grass Valley HQX (free codec from here: Grass Valley HQX Codec Download Free - VideoHelp )...

...or the Cineform HD codec which is included in the latest 'cloud' versions of Adobe Premiere .

It is also included with the free 'Go Pro Studio' download - although the current version of that requires a 64 bit system...

For an older 32 bit system you could try downloading from this page:
Solved: Is there any way I can get GoPro studio on my 32 b... - GOPRO SUPPORT HUB )

You will still probably find the final conversion of your edited footage to a 'presentation' format (like .mp4) will take a while with an older processor, but the real time editing experience should be much improved.


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If money is not a big issue and you are considering a nice update the AMD threadripper just released. For about $2500 or a bit less you can build an insanely powerful editing system today. If that is too much a recent review compared the AMD ryzen 1700 with the Intel Xeon 10 core and for things like editing and rendering it scored better. For a lot less. Probably 1300 or so can build you a nice system with a decent video card


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Great to have ambition - even better if there is a pool of money to support buying the latest gadget, software, etc.
You don't say what these videos are - subject-wise or the target audience..... I wonder if they really need 4K as there are still very few who can view it. HD has taken years to become mainstream, yet still I see big TV's without HD tuners . . . the tag "HD-Ready" seems to imply that it's there if you want it.

So if you could wait a while; learn to Edit in HD and make "Good Movies" - then in another year there will be more camcorder options and PC hardware will be even better-value.
Joining a local Movie-making club is also worthwhile, to gain an insight how others do things.
( Yr present PC is quite a lot better than the one I use.). If you are Editing in 4K then be prepared to buy an expensive 4K-Monitor - so you can see what the audience will see, before you include it. You can use a modern TV if it's OK for 4K . . .

Good Luck.

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