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I have been collecting some old video game systems and I am looking for a switcher to switch between them so I can just go throught one output to my tv. I am looking for one where I can use either component, composite, or s-video and just go through one output (preferably component or maybe hdmi). I have a philips switcher but component outputs only output through component, composite only outputs composite, and s-video only outputs s-video which means I have to still switch inputs on my tv. My tv does not have s-video and for whatever reason the green component jack is also the yellow composite input, so I can't use composite and component at the same time.

Here is my setup: An SNES through s-video, ps2 through component, and genesis through composite, and I plan on adding a dreamcast or n64.
Joytech 245c or 540c would tick those boxes. I have both of them sitting on a shelf somewhere. Good kit.

Have component, s video, composite. Digital audio and ethernet ports.

Be aware these do not convert video, so if you put component in and s video in you need to use the s video out AND component out. The 540c is the same style as an x box and has a special X box 360 connector as well.

Hope that helps!


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Are there any that do convert video so I can go through one output? I would like to use s-video with my snes but do not have an s-video input on my tv.

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