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looking for coaxial surge protector


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a few years ago my old house got struck by lightning and was very unlucky even though had surge protection on the extension leads and on the tele phone cables. the lightning hit the TV aerial traveled down into the sky box and as everything is interlinked it traveled through all my cables and fried my entire system plus got into the phone system blew up my phones and PC as well!!

at the moment i don't have a TV Aeriel on my new house but want to put up a new digital Aeriel for free view. is there anything i can buy to go between the aerial and the amp/distribution box in the loft ?


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Had a very similar problem except that the only thing that didn't get fried was the TV. Don't ask me why as I had no special protection. So it maybe missed my aerial but still took out the PCs and phone and fried the main breaker in the consumer unit. My neighbour suffered even worse. Took out all his TVs, burglar alarm, fridge, and alarm clock. I think if you get a lightning strike this close, it is such a high electromagnetic pulse for such a short time that nothing much is going to help apart from unplugging everything you can.


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Look for an eight-socket APC Performance Surgearrest. It has eight power outlets and telephone protecion, video / coaxial protection and network protection.

I bought one from Amazon for £30 (not saying it's the cheapest place but free next-day delivery with Amazon Prime and I was buying other stuff too...) and although the description does not state it has coaxial protection I can confirm it does. It even includes spare phone, coaxial and network cables just in case you need them.

Also useful to know, if your equipment is ever damaged due to a surge (including lightning) they will repair or reimburse you for your damaged equipment up to a value of £75,000.

Make sure you look for the eight-socket version though because the four-socket does not have the telephone, coaxial or network protection.

Hope that is of some use!


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"... is there anything i can buy to go between the aerial and the amp/distribution box in the loft ?"

There are ways of protecting against lightning, but they're a lot more complicated than the surge protectors currently on the market. A couple of years ago I was working with a group of people testing just about everything available (domestically) and none of the products available can protect against lightning strikes - the voltages and currents that can be involved are just much, much too high no matter what it might say on the box.

Many years ago I wrote an article for Philips on lightning protection and seem to remember that the only "straightforward" method was to bury a loop of the aerial cable in earth, with the outer screen exposed and earthed properly to long spikes. Do note: I'm not recommending this since I woudn't be too keen on moisture creeping up the cable.

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