Looking for cambridge Audio Spares

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Apr 6, 2013
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Hi All, First time on here so Hopefully you'll treat me kindly :)
I've got a Cambridge Audio A5 in for repair (for my sins) and those nice people at Richer HQ are as much use as a chocolate fire guard when it comes to help.
Cut a long story short, I'm after some SPA15N's and SPA15P's as they have gone bad, but for the life of me I can't find any source at all.
The equivalent SPA is a three pin rather than a 5 pin so that's out of the question so does anyone know of a source where I can stock up on some?

Many thanks

They were discontinued and replaced with SAP16N & SAP16P's, you should be able to find them easily enough.

Also the sap's have been replaced with the std03's, all info and reasons why can be assertained by reading the datasheets.

Chris, I have the data sheets, but wanted to make sure as there's conflicting reports from Rapid that says the 15's and the 16's are NOT compatible with each other.
As regards the STD03's they need a resistor on the sensor leg from what I've heard also
Aye, they are drop in replacements. Don't know why Rapid have posted that in their questions, probably just to cover their butts, going from a 15 to a 16 is OK just not the other way.
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Sap15---sap16----std03 is the part history in that order.

Yes the std parts need an external resistor, that's what was the downfall of the sap parts they had an internal emitter resistor, they had a large number of failures due to heat damage so decided to replace it with the std parts with no internal emitter resistor.

In respect to the cambridge which is exactly the same as the a500 except no remote, when these parts blow replace them as pairs, as well as any burnt resistors if the fault got that far (there is slight differences with values in later revisions so check the good channel if it has one) replace the bias pot and the 10uf cap with a higher voltage rating and there's normally a to-92 transistor that has blown as well so these need to be checked.

Data sheets are nearly always 100% accurate read them compare them and don't read too much into comments on suppliers websites.


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