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Looking for buying advice. HDTV Plasmas.

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by zerolight, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. zerolight

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    Jan 29, 2004
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    Right. I bought my Panasonic TH42PA20 about a year ago. Whilst I'm mostly happy with it, I have decided to replace it with an HD compatible TV. My local dealer has agreed to take it back as a trade-in at a reasonable price. He is a Panasonic/Philips/Sony dealer. Panasonic and Philips appearing to be his primary brand.

    I have a number of requirements.

    1. It needs to be HDTV compatible. I want to be future-proofed here. I'm currently with NTL at the moment, but a house move would undoubtedly switch me over to SKY. I gather this means I need HDMI? Can I also qualify with just DVi? I'm not really sure on the technicalities here.

    2. I need component video input so that I can use my current Xboxes (one of which is set to use NTSC at 480p and 720p) and DVD player. I won't be upgrading my DVD player immediately, so keeping a component input is essential. My AV Amp covers my component switching needs so just 1 component input is fine. More is better. At some point I'll likely upgrade to Blu-Ray or HD-DVD so what connectors are required here?

    3. I need RGB Scart sockets. Atleast 2.

    4. I'm looking at either 42" or 50" models.

    5. My dealer gets consumer TVs so panels like the PW7 are probably out.

    Thanks for any advice and help you can offer.

    The Panasonic TH50PV30 looked a contender until I realised it didn't have HDMI.

    The Philips 50PF9966 Plasma and 42PF9866 looked like contenders too until I realised they had no component.

    I take it the best course of action is to wait, then order one of the new Panasonics?

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