Question Looking for best phablet cameraphone..note3 dead!


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Oh well, that'll learn me... Samsung wouldn't fix my Note3 under warranty as its been rooted! I did ask how rooting it would cause the failure in the LCD panel, but they weren't interested!... With a bit more research, I perhaps could've found out what they look for, or reset something, so they wouldn't know.. a little difficult without a screen! I was just able to put a Note3 official rom back on before the screen blacked out completely.

Anyway, I was aware that rooting could void the warranty, I just wasnt expecting to have a problem with the phone.. especially not 1 week before the warranty ran out! I assumed putting the stock rom back on would be sufficient enough... alas no!

So Im faced with paying £150 ish for a new panel, or thinking lets get a new phone!

Im now tempted towards many of the none mainstream devices, dont want to pay over the odds for big brands...

My main requirement is It must have a great camera and a 5.5"+ screen.

I did have a OnePus2 invite, and did actually go to use it, but just missed out on the activation timeout, but there were a few negatives with this model, but I suppose theres bound to be a few cons which such devices...

Any suggestions would be welcome!
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Just pointing out think you're missing an "n't" from your first line as in "Samsung wouldn't"
as It completely changes the point of your post.

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