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I'm setting up a 5.1.5 Auro3D with VOG layout following the One for All guide (https://www.grobi.tv/media/pdf/dc/37/67/One-for-all-Setup-Guide_V5-0_englisch_publish.pdf) to have compatibility with Atmos as well. Now I have a bit of an issue. The guide says to set up the heights as 2 front and 2 rear. I have a long and narrow room so to set the rears in the proper position (Directly across from the fronts) they would be a significant distance away from the surrounds (about 4-5 feet). Should I just install the Rear heights in the Auro3D recommended location Directly above the surrounds and just set the layout in my AVR to be Front and Rear heights so atmos utilizes them or would this cause some weird output with the sound? My surrounds are about 100 degrees from the MLP but can move them to 110 or 90 degrees too if that would also improve things.


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Yes, for a more Auro-3D conform layout please install the second pair of heights above the surround heights. In the av controller you only change the layout to rear heights. There will be no change of the signal. This is valid for 5.1.4/5.1.5

For 7.1.4 the rear heights shoud be installed really on the rear heights position above Surrounds and Surround Backs in the ceilling corner (following the Atmos layout in one line with the front heights). This is also explained in my guide.
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