Looking for an HDMI Splitter for UHD TV and HD Projector with ARC/CEC pass back from TV to AMP


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I've recently added a projector to my AV setup, initially I set the projector up with it's own dedicated Blu-Ray and ROKU and then sent the Audio feed to my AV Amp via Optical using an HDMI audio extractor which sort of worked but with some limitations.

  • ROKU - has some annoying EDID detection on what Audio capabilities the destination has, first Audio extractor didnt seem to trigger it to output 5.1 but a different one did.
  • Limited to Dolby Digital / DTS from sources
I have rejigged and run a long HDMI back to the projector from the AV Amp (Denon 540BT) and obviously rather than swapping cables between TV and Projector I'd like to use some sort of HDMI Splitter, initially I got a cheap one from Amazon that advises that it supports HDMI 2.0 /4k /HDR 4:4:4 and has a physical button to switch output between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2.

Feed the projector the video is fine, but the ROKU had the same issue and identified that the projector only supported 2.0 Audio even though it was being fed through the amp (I managed to solve this by sticking my original HDMI Audio extractor inline which seems to trigger the right EDID for it to output DD+ which is great.

But I have had some odd results with the Feed to my Samsung qe55q7fna especially when 12 Bit / 4:4:4 is enabled on the TV, initially this caused the ROKU some issues but switching HDMI cables seems to have sorted that and ROKU is working find and detects 4k60p 4:4:4 correctly, however my Panasonic DMP-390 Blue Ray doesnt and will only work when set to 4k60p 8bit - I have ordered some "certified" hdmi cables to try and resolve this as to me it looks like potentially a cable issue as the ROKU is working.

When the splitter is set to TV I also get the Correct ARC/CEC back to the Amp so other than the Blu Ray player issue all is ok.

I also ordered what on Paper what seemed like a slightly better HDMI Splitter, TESmart HDMI Splitter 1 In 2 Out Support 4K 60Hz HDR 10 HDCP 2.2 Smart EDID for PS4 Xbox Sky Box Fire Stick, DVD Player HDTV Projector-Coral Red to try and resolve both the need for the Audio extractor on the Projector connection for the ROKU to work and to sort the Blu Ray issue.

When I connected this up it certainly resolved the issue with the BluRay which was then able to Connect to the TV with 4k60p 4:4:4 and the ROKU seemed generally ok although seemed quite slow to display when switched to. I also still needed the Audio extractor inline on the Projector link to force the roku to output 5.1 sound! I did also notice at one point that the picture from the ROKU had gone very soft but that could have been an issue with Disney+

However the major issue was that this unit doesnt support ARC/CEC so no TV audio (use for satellite TV only) and not able to switch sources/control volume from TV remote.

On Amazon TESmart seem to sell another unit that does support CEC but it's another jump in price and not convinced on the quality, so looking to see if there are recomendations on other Splitters that will do what I am looking for and will hopefully resolve my issues? For the time being i've gone back to the original splitter and am hoping that maybe different HDMI Cables will resolve the blue ray issue, but certainly looking for recomendations for "better" splitters?


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New Certified Ultra High Speed HDMI Cables turned up literally 5 minutes after posting this and having swapped them out (Blu-ray > Amp, Amp > Splitter, Splitter > TV) the BluRay player is now able to correctly set the output to 4k60p 4:4:4

So it seems like I do now have everything working, it's not the neatest but it works:

Panasonic DMP-390 and ROKU Premiere 4k into Denon 540bt Amp.

The Amp is feeding into this Splitter:

Amazon product
with HDMI 1 feeding a Samsung qe55q7fna

HDMI 2 is connected to one of these (purely to fake the EDID to get the ROKU to output 5.1 audio when the projector is selected):
Amazon product
and then into a Projector.

It's worth noting that the Cables I replaced were not certified but quoted as " With its premium build quality, the cable surpasses the High Speed specification, transferring UHD-2 resolutions such as [email protected] & [email protected] (up to 3m), HDR, 7.1 surround sound, ARC & even Ethernet data" so it seems like getting certified cables for not much more is a sounds investment.

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