Looking for an explanation.


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Hi nice forum people.

Just wondering if you could give me a definitive answer/explanation on stuck pixels on LCD projectors.
I've seen and read a lot about people complaining and asking for checks on this but I haven't seen a good understandable explanation of the following:

1. What is an LCD stuck pixel or pixels? (i.e. what is going on or not going on in the projector which results in one)

2. What are the probable/possible causes of them? (human or electronic or software etc)

3. Is there anything we can do to avoid this from happening?

4. Is there anything we can do to get rid of/reset one when we get one?

I'm sure others have been thinking about the above (owners and prospective buyers).

So.. I'm putting the forum to it's best use (i.e. not which is better a or b) and looking for a thread that can answer the above and maybe help in the short and long term with this annoying LCD trait.

best regards


1. A pixel which either is permanently "closed" (dark spot) or permanently stuck "open" (bright red, green or blue spot). Far worse than a closed pixel.

Basically, a faulty pixel can either let all light through (open) or none (closed).

2. Certainly not human & if software were thew cause it would easily be fixed. A hardware problem (transistor failure), usually during manufacture.

3. Nope

4. Nope although some have reduced the effect by placing coloured squares on screen to "neutralise" the bright spot. Not ideal though & something I wouldn't ever consider doing.

5. Yes you are. Ask & someone usually answers.



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1 and 2: Google is your friend...................Click Here

3 and 4 - as Kramer says, Nope.........

Sean G.


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nice one :)

Another one for you:

What are the various policies of the popular companies regarding returns/repairs when this occurs (i.e. Sony, Panasonic, Sanyo)



Originally posted by docfeelgood
What are the various policies of the popular companies regarding returns/repairs when this occurs

Not as easy to answer :)

The policy varies between manufacturers (anywhere from 2 to 20 dead pixels being deemed "within specification").

Try a search here under the manufacturers names & you'll find their individual policies (which themselves vary :eek:).

If it's a concern when buying an LCD (as it should), try to demo/examine the actual unit you're buying or buy from a dealer with a pixel guarantee.

Either that or take your chances :)


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I've found several manufacturers having weird policies taking into account number of pixels, type of defect, distance from centre, distance from other faulty pixel, distance from other faulty pixel of certain colour!! All in all they generally fall back on 0.01% failure rate as acceptable - which still represents 90 odd pixels on WXGA panel!!

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