Looking for an all in one system (help required)

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by scallywag, Jan 19, 2008.

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    Hi all

    Had a bad experience with my new SONY DAV-IS10 that I got today

    After being assured that it would be able to take everything I wanted to connect to it it appears the info I was given was wrong. Hoping I will be able to return the kit as it was bad advice from the company.:mad:

    Anyways it appears my main problem is i use a projector (Sony HS50) as my TV, alot of todays all in one systems appear to be geared towards LCD or Plasma TV's (or at least that was what in independent shop told me this afternoon)

    I have a budget of 500 - 600 pounds for a system but every system I look at seems to have all the outputs in the world but not enough inputs. I need a system that will allow me to input the following into it.

    SONY HS50 Projector
    XBOX 360
    SKY + box

    My projector has HDMI, Composite video and Component inputs. I am hoping to get a system that will allow me to use HDMI.

    My old system which I now boxed away is the SONY DAV-S550. I was able to connect all I needed with a composite video cable running from the PJ to the DAV-S550 and the SKY+ box and XBOX 360 connected via normal composite cables.

    I was thinking the only way around it was to get seperates (AMP, Speakers, DVD player) , but I would rather get an all in one system for ease of use.

    Can anyone recommend anything that would be able to accomodate me

    Thanks in advance


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