Looking for an all in 1 Remote


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Honestly have no clue where to start looking or what to go for! :blush:

Basically want to be able to control TV/Amp & Virgin box

I have a the following kit
  • Phillips TV 52PFL8605H/12
  • Yamaha RX-V767 Amp
  • Virgin box HD box (soon maybe TiVO) or if I swap to sky in future would be good to work with that too.
Mainly just get annoyed having to swap controllers all the time and would be good to just use 1 controller for changing channels on virgin and TV. The other options on the AMP aren't that improtant I only really change from one HDMI to another when I have finished playing on the PS3 as it flicks the amp over when it comes on but doesnt flick back when you turn it off.

I've tried programing the Virgin controller to work with the TV but it doesn't seem to work on the volume - To be honest if i could sort this, I wouldn't bother getting a new one at all!

Thanks in advance


There are two basic types.
On one you have a button for each of your devices which you press to make it work like the original remote for that device.
On the other you have a button for each type of thing you do with the devices - watch satellite TV, or play a BR, for examples - and each group of buttons then controls the appropriate device without having to select the device.
Here are the current models for the most popular of the second type: Harmony - ignore the prices and shop around.

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