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Been out of the game for quite a few years since buying my last amp and I'm now looking for a few recommendations on an upgrade. I've currently got a Yamaha RXV671 and set of B&W M1s currently paired with a BK XXLS400. I have a 4K TV but will be looking to upgrade that pretty soon so would want 4K and HDR pass-through. Any thoughts or recommendations on what I should look at for current amps much appreciated!


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Pretty flexible on budget, was expecting up to £500 but happy to let that jump up if it's worth it.


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The budget doesn't really give you much room as far as an upgrade is concerned and it may mean more of an update than upgrade?

Your budget would afford you the DEnon AVRX3300 though which is about as good as you can get for the money. Other options would be either the DEnon AVRX2300 or the Yamaha RXV681 which would be more of an update that upgrade and are both more recent receiver of the same or similar level to your current receiver.

If pushing the boat out them maybe also look at the Denon AVRX4300 which offers an aweful lot for what they are currently selling for.


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Many thanks for that. I re-read my reply and was far from clear. I should have said I'm expecting to pay around £500 but happy to go up to £1k if the amp warrants it. I'll have a look at the AVRX4300, not owned a Denon before now so will be interested to hear what it sounds like.
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