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Hi everyone

I need your help , I am going to send and entry to my company's photo competition today " Sport and recreation".

I went out yesterday and I took few pictures at the Go Karting track. I took over 200 pictures, trying to get the velocity (panning) effect and the subject in focus and sharp..

only 3 pictures ere good enough to summit , but I can only send one , can you help me decide which picture to summit for my entry??, deadline is today by 4pm ….

Thanks for your help





Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Well I'd go with Three but I'd crop it so the back of the vehicle was at right edge of the screen and the bottom of the image started just above the white mark on the road.....I'd also look at mirror flipping it so the driver looks like he's going left to right as that is more "pleasing" for a western society I believe.



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#3 seems sharpest where it matters and is composed with space ahead of the kart (which is preferable to having it behind).
By contrast #1 is a bit fuzzy around the drivers helmet and the OOF kart in #2 seems a little distracting.


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#3, Id try cropping too as suggested by Gordon above


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thanks for your comments, I would cropp as suggested by gordon on picture No 3...

thanks a lot


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