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I'm looking to buy a new 32' widescreen TV and I was hoping that I could benefit form people's own experience.

I've interested in the Loewe Aconda 9281 but when viewing at the dealers today the picture seems blurred or soft in comparision with other sets such as Philips or Sony (the sony KV-32fq75 was particularly sharp). I know there are a lot of varibles which could affect the quality of the picture but can people comment on
1. The quality of aconda picture
2. Recommend other equipment in the same price range (you can the get the aconda for circa £1250 on the web).

Sorry for such a general posting but this is a big purchasing decision and all help is welcome!!


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Originally posted by newuser
(the sony KV-32fq75 was particularly sharp).
Have a look at ome of the posts on the FQ75 >HERE< for instance. It is heavily discounted now and can be bought for around £999 pristine or £850 refurbished. And welcome to the forums. :)


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Don't go by how it looks at a dealers. They usually just feed all the TV's on display from one single crappy old aerial. Ask them to demo a decent DVD player through RGB or component connections if you can.


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Lynx and Pointon have summed it up perfectly.
I like Sony televisions. If you do a comparison as suggested by Pointon the Aconda will not at first glance appear as sharp as a Sony, but look closer, the detail is all there. Sony almost has a superficial edge enhancement effect, Loewe pictures are very " natural ".
Comparing PQ off aerial in store is a waste of time, as said above.

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