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Looking for advice

Discussion in 'Camcorders, Action Cams & Video Editing Forum' started by craig martin, Mar 3, 2002.

  1. craig martin

    craig martin

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    Hi all, I'm new to DV cams and digital editing and any advice would be appreciated.

    I've just treated myself to a long overdue new computer (specs listed below) and would now like to get into DV editing.

    A friend has given me a loan of his DV cam and I have been having fun with it most of the weekend.

    I have been using the Windows Movie Maker, to do editing on my PC, imported through a firewire socket on my soundcard.

    I am thinking about getting a dedicated DV card, probably a pinnacle DV500+ or DV200 (with Premier 6 about £300) but since I have a firewire card on my sound card I was wondering if it's really worth it.

    Should I just get myself a good video editing package and see how I get on with that or am I better to get a dedicated card. I like the look of Adobe Premier but it costs about £500 on it's own, but comes bundled with the DV200/500 for free.

    Also, I've lurking in other forums and the DV500+ looks like a bit of a nightmare to install. Anyone have any bad experiences to tell of this.

    Any thougths/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Craig Martin.

    System Specs.

    Processor and motherboard:
    AMD Athlon XP 1900+ processor
    Asus A7V266 motherboard with VIA KT266A chipset

    2 x 256MB DDR RAM (PC2100)

    Hard disk:
    60GB UDMA100 hard drive

    64MB nVIDIA GeForce3 Ti200 with TV-out and DVI

    17" (16" vis) LG Flatron 795FT monitor

    CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive:
    16x DVD-ROM drive

    CD-RW drive (24x10x32) with Justlink BURN-proof technology

    v90 56k Internet Ready modem

    Sound Blaster Audigy Dolby Surround & Firewire (OEM)

    Cambridge Soundworks DTTT2200 5.1 FivePoint Surround speakers

    Midi-Tower case (195x440x420)
    250/300 watts ATX power supply

    I/O ports:
    1 x Parallel port
    2 x Serial ports
    4 x USB ports (2 front mounted)

    Operating system:
    Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  2. Gurubarry


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    Hi guy, word on the net is drop the XP , then carry on.

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