Looking For Advice to Make Media Available On Every TV in My Home


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My Current Setup:
  • iMac with an internal 1TB secondary disk that acts as a shared drive on the network.
  • PS3 connected to TV A.
  • Roku 3 connected to TV B.
  • iMac is configured as a simple DLNA media server.
  • Airport Extreme for a wireless router
The Good:
  • I can wirelessly stream content to TV A via the DLNA server on the iMac
  • Both the PS3 and Roku support Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime
The Bad:
  • I cannot view/stream content from the iMac on TV B
  • I must encode some video to .mp4 from certain formats (ie. .mkv is bad) in order to play on my PS3
  • The DLNA server software developer has recently decided to stop pushing updates
  • I can't play PS3 games on TV B
What I want:
  • To be able to stream a wider variety of content to both TV A and TV B without re-encoding.
  • To avoid solutions involving Windows
  • (high hope) mirroring/streaming of my iMac's screen/audio to either TV (I'm not interested in Apple TV though)
  • (high hope) to play PS3 games on both TV A and TV B
I'm open to building devices for each TV, replacing the router, adding a NAS/media drive, and more. I realize getting the PS3 to play on both TVs is likely to require running HDMI cables throughout the house. I'm curious about other options for the whole setup with this in mind.

Said simply, I want streaming access from any TV in my house to any content that originated from my iMac. Suggestions?


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I have a file server running Plex Media Server and Chromecasts installed on every TV. It gives me access to all of my content at 1080p/5.1 surround quality on the cheap. Plus using Plex also has the added benefit of allowing me to access content from phones/tablets and even over the Internet from anywhere with a decent connection. I have a full HTPC on my primary setup for extended capabilities but I absolutely love the Chromecasts.


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Maybe invest in some Raspberry Pis, install the Linux/XBMC build on them, I believe they support airplay and you get the benefit that they'll be able to play everything you throw at them. Plus you get a much better experience compared to DNLA.

I'd also get a separate NAS, I use an HP microserver running Windows Home Server and it's excellent.

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