Looking for advice on Upgrading my B&W M1 setup

Discussion in 'What Speakers Should I Buy?' started by Thresherinc, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Hey all so I'm looking for advice on upgrading my B&W M1 setup.

    Long story short, I put together a partner friendly HT system because she really doesn't like humungous great speakers, I even went so far as to vinyl wrap the rear speakers in a white carbon-fibre vinyl so that they didn't stand out so much.

    Here's the setup as it stands.
    5.1 setup consisting of
    5 B&W M1 1st Gen
    1 Cambridge Audio X200 Sub
    Pioneer VSX-923-K
    Sources are all HDMI connected to the Amp with a single HDMI up to an LG 42" Smart TV.
    No Zone 2 (yet) ;-)

    Anyway, whilst watching TV and Films the dialogue seems to be undermixed, explosions, sound effects and music is fine, just the dialogue seems to be the problem, I've convinced my better half that a really nice centre speaker should be the first thing we try and I'm wondering whether or not to just go the whole hog and replace the entire front soundstage, I have tacit approval to put some floorstanders in.

    Of course, any replaced M1s will be moved to the middle of the setup for some nice 7.1 action.

    Any ideas out there as to a suitable Centre which will integrate well with the M1s?

    Or indeed replace the whole front setup?
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    Personally I would want the same make and model across the front 3 so would replace them all. The B&W 600 series would be an obvious place to look first but could also look at makes like Monitor Audio and Focal as well.
    Where is your centre placed? No speaker (especially a larger centre) is going to sound its best in or on an AV cabinet.
    I have always found the M1s to be a great little speaker with good sound quality hence if dialogue is an issue then it may not be the speaker at fault but something in the way your system is setup. This could mean a change of speaker may not cure your issue. Hence I would explore things like speaker location, orientation and crossover/level settings first.

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