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I'm looking for advice on a 1080p tv or monitor. I'm flexable but still sorta fussy and that is why I came here. Because I know you guys know your stuff. I live in the UK.

This is ideally for a bedroom setup.

Price Range: Up to £1300 but would ideally want to spend under a thousand.

Size: Anything between 23 and 40 inches. Picture size isn't a big deal to me over image quality but I can't go higher than 40.

Colour Accuracy: Out of the box they need to be reasonably accurate because calibrating causes me too much stress and knowing how fussy I am I wouldn't trust a professional calibrator (I know this narrows the search a lot), long as the delta errors are under 4 I'm happy and the skin tones look nice. I can't bare off colours, I couldn't stand it with the LE40M86 (although it might have been faulty). For me colour accuracy superscedes, black level and viewing angles, I won't ever be viewing off angle anyway.

Shadow Detail: Important to me I play a lot of dark games and movies. Doesn't have to be perfect just good enough, it's probably slightly more important to me than black level is. As I rarely sacrifice shadow detail for better blacks.

Screen Type: LCD TV or Monitor would be my first choice, it needs to have at least 1 hdmi socket for my reciever to plug into (I connect Xbox 360, PS3, and Laptop via HDMI to it) I'd consider Plasma but I'm afraid of whatever problems might come with that like screen burn, theres too much of a risk of me falling asleep watching it. If it's a monitor it needs to be 16:9 1080p hdmi and good with the 360/PS3

Input Lag: Nothing over 30ms I'd rather have a lower MS if possible. Some monitors are 2ms.

Backlight Bleed: I could deal with it to some degree, however I recently tried the LE40B650, and that had some weird purple tint going on in the blacks and the colours were too off out of the box for me. Then I tried the PX2370 monitor which I loved much more, that was led edge lit, except it had really obvious whole array of mini dark shadowy cones coming out the top and bottom of the screen (top was intermitent, bottom was perminant) and appeared in all light scenes. Made it look like paper that had got wet...

So whats my best bet, like I say I game more than I watch movies but I do watch blurays on the PS3, so colour accuracy, shadow detail and a somewhat respectable black level are important. Oh and I'll take glossy or matte screen I prefer matte though

If theres anyone out there that can save me the misery of going thru tv's / monitors with poor colours out of the box or horrendous backlight bleed, I'm ready to listen.

*oh yeah and forgot to add, I never watch cable or satelite in my bedroom, hence why a monitor is fine too* it's more for gaming and movie watching.
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