Looking for advice on speaker wire, please….


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Apr 14, 2022
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Looking for advice on speaker wire, please….

I have just bought a pair of DALI Spektor 2 bookshelf speakers, and I’ll be pairing them with a Marantz PM4200 amplifier and a Pro-ject Debut Carbon record player. Not really sure what speaker wire would be best for these? (or how much it matters) – I understand the quality of speaker wire can affect performance quality, and I’ve heard certain types of speakers/amps suit certain types of speaker wire? I’m a bit of a newbie when it comes to these things, so appreciate any pointers or advice.

Thank you.
So long as the wire is oxygen free copper and around 2.5 sq.mm crossection (AWG13) that’s all that matters in my experience. Something like Van Damme Blue 2.5mm or Kabeldirekt 2.5mm from Amazon is fine. Use it as is with bare wire connections, making sure you have no stray strands that could contact the other terminal, or add banana plugs (Fisual from amazon) if you want to keep things neat but will not give better sound or better connection.

Be aware the effects of cable on sound is a bit of a touchy subject and there ae those that swear there is a sound difference and those that believe that so long as the spec is sufficient and reasonably made then there is no difference. Only you can tell which camp you are in but from my resonse above you can guess which I am in, save the money and buy more vinyl, go out for a nice meal, give to charity etc.
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As above the cables mentioned are all you need. It is a contentious subject but I've tried different quality cables that I've had thrown in when ordering amps and speakers and I can detect not an iota of difference. As @Ugg10 says go and spend your money on music.
As the two above said.
I suggest you go on amazon and search for ofc that's 2.5mm and buy a reasonable one that has a lot of good reviews and all should be great
I bought some Nordost Valhalla speaker cables for £9K and Nordost Odin power cord for £17K but wasn't happy with the results until I had a light bulb moment - with a pair of nail scissors I stripped the power cord to make speaker cables and stripped the speaker cables to make a power cord. I was about to test my new wiring when I fell out of bed and woke myself up.
I purchased some quite expensive Speaker wire starting out & it definitely made an impression, but only to my bank balance.
Still at least the back of my speakers look good with it.
Copper cable of the correct cross sectional area for the application has always worked for me.

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