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Hi all.

I'm looking at buying a new TV, no more than £1000, preferably less than £750.

I use it mainly for gaming on the PS4 pro, so HDR is a must.

Also watch alot of on demand so NowTV, Netflix & Prime are the 3 apps I'm looking for. We also use the PS4 pro as a bluray player.


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Have a look at my question on what's under oled. Some great help but with £1k you could go for LG 55OLEDB8 as its what most think. Under that maybe Sony 900 then under £700 the Samsung 55q6fn.

Good luck


I use it mainly for gaming on the PS4 pro, so HDR is a must.
I'm not sure how much researching you have already done on the topic but HDR isn't something a TV either has or doesn't have. The fundamental technology that supports showing decent HDR picture quality on a TV comes at a large cost.

Generally the first TVs considered to do HDR well are the Sony XF9005 or LG B8 whilst the next best, the Samsung NU8000 or Samsung Q6FN will be only better than average at display HDR.

Sadly if you require Now TV that takes away the Sony as an option so my advice would be to look at the LG B8 as already mentioned above. Be sure first that your viewing won't be affected by OLED Burn In Risk.


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If you decide not to risk an oled then the Samsung Q8DN is around £1k now @ 55”. It’s one of the best gaming TVs around.

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