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Hi. I'm looking for a new 4k TV for the living room. Ideally 50"
I'm hoping to get a Xbox series X in future.
I was looking at a LG 50un80006, 49nano866 or a Philips 50pus8535 but then reviews put me off, people saying they don't have hdmi 2.1 or vrr. Then I look at what these do and wonder if I really even need them as don't have a new console yet.?
I like the thought of the ambilight but best picture quality is my main requirement.
I have a Philips also and the menus are so slow at responding I don't want another like it. It's only a few years old a 50pus6523 but it is going to be moved to a bedroom as I don't get along with it 😂 budget is ideally ~£500 and from Amazon as I have a voucher.
I want to avoid potential burn in also as kids keep leaving YouTube on pause.
We watch mainly netflix and we have the 4k pack. But have sky HD so not the 4k Q stuff.
I did see Dodge's reviews of high, mid and low range gaming TVs but again some of those put me off my choices also.
Hisense seem to be good TVs and have a lot of different models.
Any help please or recommendations


You really need to set your sights higher if you want an improvement over what you're currently using. 50" TVs will have similar picture quality, and the 49" LG whilst 120hz, is using an IPS instead of VA panel so will have worse picture quality in terms of blacks, contrast, screen uniformity, but better viewing angles.

For some kind of future proofing this day and age you need to think about HDR, and true HDR TVs don't start until you get higher in price. There was recently a deal at Costco on the Hisense U8Q for less than 500 but I think its sold out now. Apart from that deal its really hard to recommend any models for gaming unless you're happy buying something that equals, and in some cases is worse than your old TV with picture quality.

On a new TV, things like smart TV will of course be more updated, and more powerful. So won't be as slow as your current TV.

My advice: use a smart stick like a Roku or Firestick with your current TV for now. Save up for something more premium. Around 800-1000 would be good starting price for something that improves a bit on what you've been using.


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Thank you. Would the hisense u8q be one to watch for and buy if becomes available? Even if not Amazon. I'll try and save but my problem is justifying spending 1000 on a TV. I'll get killed by the other half. If I forget gaming and just focus on hdr for good picture would it still be the u8q? I am not expecting Xbox stock any time soon and would rather wait for possibly a big price drop or a newer version.


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The Hisense is 55/65” not 50 if that makes a difference. £699 at Currys
For HDR handling on 4K Netflix you need a high tier TV :) Sony 49xh9505 is around £800


In the HDR era is unreasonable to expect to pay so little on a TV. Basically the difference now between cheaper and more expensive TVs is almost exclusively HDR. The problem is, HDR doesn't scale linearly in picture quality, so unless your TV can display it properly, you'll get issues with the picture being too dark or washed out.

Really the Hisense U8Q was a rare deal, its a TV that competes with much more expensive models usually, just happened to be cheap as they are clearing stock to make way for newer models.

Perhaps on a tight budget you could consider trying to find a refurb Sony XH9505?

Otherwise I'd recommend just keeping with what you've got, and if you do replace it with something similar with picture quality, pair it with an Apple TV 4k so you can run stuff 4k without HDR so you don't have to cope with those problems. Cheaper TVs are more than adequate for non-HDR use nowadays.

Once you factor in all the issues, and the fact that you'll look back after owning a cheaper TV thinking you had a better one, its just better to spend more to begin with. For example, you could spend £500 on a TV now, but later wish that you had spent £800 when you have problems with it, not to dissimilar to how you wish your old TV was a better model now.
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