Question Looking for a woofer to pair with my Monitor Audio speakers


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We recently moved to a new flat, and I feel my system has lost some bass in this space. I listen to a lot of Jazz records, and feel I now need that bass. Any suggestions for an active subwoofer to match the Monitor Audio Bronze BX 2 speakers speakers?



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BK XLS 400


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Thanks, however I didn't have size in mind when I asked. I live in a small flat and most subwoofers that are around 40x40x40cm are a bit of an overkill.

Any suggestions for something around 20x20 or 30x30 size range?

In a similar price bracket to the XXLS400 as no budget mentioned but smaller.

The SVS SB1000: 345mm x 330mm x 355mm. Those dimensions apparently include feet, grille and amp. SVS Subwoofer SB-1000 Two Subs Rapallo

390D X 298H x 298W for the BK Electronics XLS200, front firing model. There is also a down firing version of this model which is taller but has less depth.


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I've had 3 BK-XLS200 and they are very good adding extra depth for bookshelf size speakers.
If you need flexibility and want a Sub you can tweak to suit your room, then the XTZ 8.17 looks like a good choice.


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You haven't said what size your room is, what sort of amp you are using, and whether it is just for music or also for films.

If it is a small to medium sized room, and it is just for music, then a BK XLS200 does look like a good match for your bookshelf speakers. It also has both high level and low level inputs, so can be used with pretty much any amplifier.

If you want to spend a bit more, I would suggest 2 x BK XLS200. But maybe start with one and see how you get on. If you want to go a bit bigger, with a bit more headroom, than a BK XLS400 would be another option.


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Thanks for the suggestions... and good point Rambles on room size and other things I left out like budget.
So, the room is 5x5 meters, high ceilings and wooden floors. I'd only use it for music. I have a Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10. As for my budget, I'm now looking at the £100-200 for a used sub.

All this said, I'm considering an inwall sub to install in my music cabinet, picture attached. If I change the door for an MDF board and make a hole for the sub it could work nicely. The cabinet is 31.5x31.5x33 cm

The amp has a subwoofer connection, however looks like it's only for an active subwoofer. Could it work if I connect a passive subwoofer to the "speaker B" line and have "A+B" active?

This is getting interesting now... any suggestions appreciated!
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Subwoofers take a fair amount of power to get the best from them, your amplifier is unlikely to be able to deliver enough power to your main speakers and a passive subwoofer, to fill a 5m x 5m room with good quality, unclipped audio.

But, in theory, it could work as you describe, in practice, it is unlikely to work very well.

If you use a passive subwoofer, it would be usual to use a separate mono power amplifier to power it, which you could feed from the sub out on your amp. But, it is not really worth the expense and the hassle, so getting an active subwoofer, with a plate amp, controls and the speaker drivers all in one box, is much more convenient.


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I would suggest locating the Sub in the Cabinet will cause many rattles and vibrations, also your record deck could skip.
I would locate the Sub somewhere to the side, stand alone.
As long as you Crossover low enough (About 60Hz to compliment you Monitor Audios), you won't be able to tell where the bass is coming from.


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I have the monitor audio bronze 5's and would whole heartedly recommend the Bk 200 I had the DF and it is an amazing bit of kit. The XTZ subs are really highly regarded and if you want an 8.17 I would advise you to speak to Jag as I know he would be able to help you out.

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