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Jun 21, 2021
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New Zealand
Which external devices do you plan to connect to the TV?
  • A soundbar
    • Not yet sure yet of the soundbar model. Will be looking for something with an assistant built in- likely will go with a Sonos Soundbar
  • Chromecast 4k
  • Games console
    • Playstation 5 (don't have one yet but lets plan for it lol)
  • A computer via hdmi cable. It has a 3060ti graphics card. Nothing really needs to be considered here other than I will need to plug things in via a cable and these devices will be 4k capable.
What content will you watch on the TV?
  • What streaming services do you plan to use?
    • Netflix, Plex, Youtube Premium, Spotify. However, these would all be played via the Chromecast, I don't care if the TV has these apps already on it.
  • Gaming?
    • 4k gaming. All devices would be plugged in via a cable somehow.
  • What proportion of your total viewing will be content in SD, HD or UHD?
  • What proportion of your viewing will be broadcast TV shows, broadcast sport, broadcast movies, streaming TV/movies, DVDs, FHD Blu-Rays, UHD Blu-Rays or games?
Sitting idly playing beautiful chromecast pictures15%
Streaming tv shows or movies70%

Will you use internal or external apps or tuners for the following? If external, via which device?
  • External (Chromecast)
Situational questions:
  • What TV are you currently using and what are expecting to see upgrading to a new TV? I currently have an old HD LG 55" (8 years old). I am looking for a TV that sits well on the wall like the Samsung Frame. The Tv also needs to be at least 65" in size as the wall is quite large. My wife is highly concerned about the 'look' of the TV unit on the wall, I am just after something with a good 4k picture in whatever form. By good I just mean good, I am not a perfectionist/elitist when it comes to image quality- maybe I will be in the future but I don't want to spend a significant amount for small incremental picture quality increases.
  • Are you a tweaker or set and forget kind of person? I tweak at first then set and forget.
  • What is your viewing distance? 2.5 to 3 metres usually
  • If you place yourself in the position of your TV facing towards where you watch, at what angle from the centre is each integral seating position? (Tip, use a protractor to measure angles). Usually straight on or up to 45 degrees off centre.
  • When will you use the TV and what kind of lighting will be in your room? Some examples:
    • Bright conditions during the day.
    • Dark movie nights in the evening
  • Would your usage of an OLED TV put you at risk of permanent burn in? Please read: OLED Burn In Risk. Yes I think it would. I regularly forget to turn the TV off and leave it on overnight. The Chromecast does cycle pictures so I think that would help?
  • Do you need any legacy connections like composite or component? No
  • If using planning to use an internal tuner will you use satellite or free to air? Not relevant.

Please rearrange the following, in descending importance:
  1. Blacks
  2. Shadow detail
  3. HDR Picture quality.
  4. Picture accuracy out of the box (without pro calibration)
  5. Cost
  6. Value
  7. Viewing angles
  8. Sound (will use Soundbar)
Now for bugs, tell us your possible pet hates related to TVs, in descending order:
  1. Motion blur
  2. Motion judder with 24hz movies/TV shows. See: Judder-Free 24p on TVs
  3. Motion stutter
  4. Bad screen uniformity, Dirty Screen Effect, Clouding, Light Bleed, Blooming, Vignetting, Haloing
  5. Loss of detail in dark areas or crushed blacks.
  6. Raised blacks
  7. Reflective screens
  8. Colour banding.
  9. Slow smart TV
Any extra notes you'd like to add/questions not covered here?
We are highly concerned with the 'look' of our TV. We were most interested in the Frame due to it being able to sit flush up against the wall. We are okay to rewire our wall to suit our TV so I thought best to ask here about alternatives because I understand the Frame tv's can be a little underwhelming though the unit itself does look nice when mounted properly.
We have spent a lot of money making our lounge area look good. It has recently renovated native NZ wood floors, all white walls, Italian marble coffee table and a 3.5m x 3.5m white couch. Looking for a clean-looking TV unit to sit on the large wall.

We are looking for a minimum 65" TV.
As you have HDR picture quality and blacks down as important that really puts "The Frame" out.

It's not capable of HDR. It's compatible, but not capable.

To be HDR capable an LCD TV needs to have the backlight brightness to display HDR, ~1000 Nits. It also needs to have a FALD system, Full Array Local Dimming so the TV can have small areas of brightness, next to darkness.

The Frame has neither. So, when watching HDR content during a scene, for example, where there's a bright moon in a dark sky, the whole screen looks murky grey rather than black as the screen can't dull areas of it and the whole backlight is on full to show the bright moon.

I'd be looking at an LG OLED such as a G1 or GX which can fit flush to the wall and make sure to switch it off.
Other than that you'll have to compromise over picture quality vs aesthetics.

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Samsung Q95T or LG GX would be my pick.
The frame is akin to the Q70T so if you're happy with its shortfalls its not a bad TV, just falls short when it comes to display HDR content.

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