Looking for a sub around B&W ASW300



I've currently got Wharfedale Atlantic Speakers for my surround sound (400's as fronts, 100's as rears and "Center" as center), with a Yamaha RX-V530.

Now that I've saved up though, I'm ready to add a subwoofer. Price range is around NZ$800-NZ$1000 (but certainly no more than $1000, that's really pushing it already). From what I can tell that's around 300 pounds.

Ideas so far:

B&W ASW300 I can get at a cash price of NZ$1000, down from $1170. I listened to it today and really liked it, but I was also hearing the other B&W speakers at the same time... so it's hard to tell how good the sub is.

Yahama SW-315. NZ$999, and I haven't found one yet so I can't listen to it, but I know a store that I could ask about ordering one in. Heard good reviews too.

I'm also going to hear a lot of subs at a specalist sound store tomorrow (the above are at general electronic stores).

Any thoughts so far? Also I was wondering if you had any advice on how to listen to a sub? Today I brought in the Helms Deep part of Two Towers on DVD.

Thanks VERY much!

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