Looking for a sub £300 laptop in the sale.. best from the following options?

Hi all looking for a laptop for my mum.. £300 is probably the max I can go to.. I have had a good look around but im struggling to tell the difference between the following as im unsure what the best processor is?

Laptop is to be used for internet, office, spotify, etc etc nothing major but one that will last would be good..

Dual-core AMD E-450 processor Buy ASUS X53U-SX278V | 15.6" LAPTOP - Laptops | Comet

Dual-core AMD C-50 processor LENOVO G575 15.6" Laptop buy online | Currys

Dual-core AMD E-300 processor COMPAQ Presario CQ57-356SA 15.6" Laptop buy online | Currys

P6200 Fujitsu Lifebook AH530 P6200 Dual Core 4GB RAM 320GB HDD 15.6" W7HP (VFY:AH530MRSD2GB %) - dabs.com

ex display (slightly over budget)- core i3-380M EXDISPLAY Acer Aspire 5742 Laptop, Core i3-380M.. | Ebuyer.com

Any advice appricated.. worth waiting for anything better?



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The first three that you linked to use the amd fusion range of cpu's which are not the most powerful But require less power and generate less heat which translates into a better battery life then the pentium or i3 laptops you mentioned they are good for a general multimedia and internet pc use.

The i3 cpu is at the other end of the scale and is also able to play some less demanding games but the battery life would be less and should last for around 3 hours. Looking at the laptop on the ebuyer site it says that it only comes with a 90 day warranty which when you are shelling out £300+ for is a bit of a gamble if it all goes wrong on you.

Have you tried taking your mum down pc world and comet and showing her the laptops? she might pefer one over the other and feel more comfortable using one over the other


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The lifebook from dabs looks like the best bang £300 that you can get I'm quite sure that it has a hdmi port which is not mentioned in the dabs ad.

I have used dabs a few times and have not had any problems with there service.
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