Looking for a Sony or Samsung 42" TV under £600


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I've done a bit of research myself (as well as having some experience) and would rather avoid having a Smart TV if possible, as the features will be completely useless and never used. Smart TV would just bump up the price of the TV for nothing.

The TV is for my brother and his gf and they will mainly be using it for a fair amount of PS4 gaming and watching movies.

He is used to gaming on a 42", so I would like to get at least 42" and the brand has to be either Sony or Samsung. I suppose a 3D tv would also be nice, as I guess that would be good futureproof.

I'm struggling to find anything that fits that criteria really. Everything just seems to be new with Smart TV features. I'd rather get something a bit older that comes without Smart TV (which I assume bumps up the price) but you get nice specs otherwise.

I don't know good quality models without Smart TV or where to look, so I'm stuck atm.

So: - 42 inch or more
- Sony or Samsung
- 3D tv
- Under £600
- Primarily for PS4 gaming and movies
- Smart TV not necessary

Thanks in advance


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You will struggle to get 3D without SMART. SMART usually seems to come first when moving up the range, then you get to the 3D.

I too am looking for something similar, with a similar budget. Although I dislike Sony quite a bit, so discounted them from the list pretty sharpish. But then I DO like Panasonic quite a bit, and would prefer to go Panny over Samsung. Any particular reason why you wouldn't want Panasonic? Most of what I have seen rates their PQ above that of the equivalent Samsung.

Anyway, so at the circa £600 mark I have been looking at either :

PANASONIC VIERA TXL42ET60B - £579.95 From Richer Sounds. (Or Panasonic Viera TX-L42ET61B from John Lewis at £599.95. Different model number I believe is just a different stand, but I think this would negate the ability to price match). Both with 5 year warranty.

SAMSUNG UE40F6500 - £549.95 from Richer Sounds (Or John Lewis with their price match), both with 5 year warranty.
Or a 46" Screen a little over budget at £630, and a step further down the range - SAMSUNG UE46F6320

I guess if your insisting on Sony, you would be looking at

Sony Bravia KDL42W805 - £649 from JL
SONYBRAVIA KDL42W829B - £699 from Richer sounds.

Both a bit more than your budget to be fair, but again, both with 5 year warranty.

I do believe the Sony probably is the best for gaming with respect to Lag, the Panasonic probably has the better picture quality, and the Samsung, and this is just guessing, is probably the better SMART TV, but that is of no consequence to you.


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For gaming and if can go without 3d, the Sony 42w653/654 worth considering

The Panasonic et60 looks very good aesthetically with slim silver bezel


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I just got the Sony kdl42w805 price matched on JL for £579, literally yesterday :) on my phone currently but use price runner, I believe it was from TV and Video Direct or something like that. I now have 28 days to make my decision and use it.

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