Looking for a simple amplifier for an elderly mother


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Looking for a simple amplifier, not chunky AV receiver, for my mother.

Needs are:

  • Decent quality. She has a reasonably decent old pair of Celestion Model 5 speakers, so something that drives them well.
  • Optical input - plan is she'll run the radio and TV from the TV through to the speakers, so being able to take an optical out from the TV is essential.
  • Analogue and Phono in - she has a CD player and record player she still uses, so inputs for these two.
  • Very simple operation - her current amp has two knobs - input selector and volume control. No other buttons (apart from power), no screen, no menus. Lets keep it simple that way.
  • Remote control - to save her getting up to turn those knobs, and being able to control the volume of the amplifier whilst watching the TV, a remote control would be good. BONUS if its something similarly simple, or she can use the same remote for the smart TV as the amplifier.
  • Available from a UK retailer - obviously no good if its only available in the US!

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I'd probably suggest you look at an integrated stereo amplifier with an integral DAC as opposed to an AV receiver. You don't appear to need many if any of the features more commonly associated with an AV receiver and you'll get better performance for your money from a stereo integrated amp if only wanting 2 channel stereo.

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Hey thanks and sorry I realise there was a typo in my OP that may have confused things. Corrected it to state I'm looking for a simple amplifier, not a chunky AV receiver.


Agree with dante you will be better of with a simple stereo amp such as the Marantz. As this is more a HiFi option I can move it to the HiFi Separates if you wish.

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